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Posted 26 October 2010 - 12:16 AM

It's been a good year and a half since i'v been on here and wanted to know if anyone has had these kind of " trials/times" if you should call it that, where you just get caught up in life and move on then come back to something.

Ya.., I got out of paintball a while back because games or matches started to fade in the background and almost completely dissapear. So I was sitting here the other day thinking about how long it's been since i'v played some paintball, come to find out, its been almost a year. I realized how much i missed all of it, all the oily hands, paint splatters on your body, bright colors(lol) and all the socializing that went on.

Yes, I did go back to airsoft(no criticism please) because there was a lot more people who played nearby and more frequently than paintball. As time went on, Paintball slowly faded and faded away from me. Come to find out, there were at least 5 straight months where I played on every weekend. So i invested in Higher quality guns because- i played more.

Then comes life, school, drama, all that good stuff. Eats your time up as you get older and mature in life and come to realize some things are on higher priority than hobbies. Some things became idols in my life that needed removing, health caught up to me(im type 1 diabetes, 7 years) needed to get that done by any means possible. Family, friends and lots of other stuff just keeps popping up in life that once again, a higher priority. And my brother is going into the Air Force very soon and thats a toll to think about and how it will impact your life.

Reason for all this, has anyone ever been at this point. A hobbie that you love to do becomes a distant shadow in your past, something you want/might get to do again sometime?
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Posted 26 October 2010 - 08:35 AM

Nearly 12 years ago paintball took over all my other hobbies and crushed them.

I found that paintball was what I wanted to do and simply kept pursuing it...but then again I discovered this all long after leaving school so I was well into life and had a good idea of what I enjoyed and what kept me smiling.

Everybody is different man. Find what makes you smile in between the harsh realities of life and enjoy the respit that hobby gives you while you participate.

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Posted 26 October 2010 - 10:53 AM

Life is short, get off your couch
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