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Animal Custom Paintball Pants

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Posted 04 April 2007 - 05:18 PM

I purchased a pair of Animal Paintball Pants because I could not find a pair of pants I wanted in my size. I am a bigger baller, I wear a 40-42 pant. I ordered them online at animalpaintball.com, the only place to my knowledge you can order them.

They website is good, you can choose any style and design you want. You can sample the designs before you purchase so you have an idea of what it is you are ordering. Very nice website and very helpful.

Purchasing anything custom will take a while and it's important to keep in contact with the company. I called several times to check the progress of these pants. While it may or may not have effected the turn around it sure didn't hurt. I'd suggest if you order from Animal you call several times, just to make sure they know you are still there.

After I ordered these pants at $92(shipping included) I waited. I waited a long time, and finally I decided to see what was going on with them myself. What could be taking so long. So after leaving a voicemail, Mondo calls me. He tells me that they (Animal) make every thing from scratch and usually the turn around is about 3 weeks. This is important to know especially if you want your order by a certain date. I wish they would have made this information easy to find on their website.

So after waiting 3 weeks, and several calls later they arrive. I pull them out of the package and they look awesome. All black just like I wanted. I try them on and they are HUGE! They literally fall off without me moving. I tighten the Velcro straps thinking this may help, I was wrong. It was a temporary fix, but the first time I slid the Velcro came undone and I was running around with my pants hanging down. Not cool. So after experiencing that I decided to find the place where the Velcro needs to be and have the pants fit comfortably and sew them. I suggest that anyone do this to ensure they stay around your waist and not your ankles.

So they fit and are super comfy. I take them out to play and they are perfect. I had never worn knee pads in my life but the second my knee touched the ground I saw what I was missing. It's like putting your knee down on your bed. Everything you want. The padding goes from the knee all the way down the bottom of the pants. On the inside of the legs there is mesh that allows for ventilation which will be awesome for summer days. There is a pocket for a swab on the side, the butt is padded and has two straps to hold a pod if you are playing hopper ball.

I was playing in these pants this weekend at MXS' Dark Angel 26 hour scenario at Splatbrothers paintball in Hopewell VA when I went sliding behind a bunker. Unknown to me there was an extremely sharp stick behind the bunker, so as I slide the stick stuck in my leg. I needed 7 stitches in my knee but the Animal pants withstood the impact. There is not as much as a tear on the padding in the knees-nothing-you cannot even tell there was impact on the knee pads. These pants saved me a great deal of pain. Had I been wearing BDUs or another brand they probably would have ripped. Had my pants ripped I would have had splinters, dirt ect in my cut(not to mention it'd probably would have been a deeper wound) making it hurt a lot more than it did.

Here is how I break these pants down:
Fitting-6/10 They fit REALLY BIG. There should be some kind of warning on their website
Comfort-9/10 Nothing is perfect, but these are pretty darn close. Super stretchy material gives you plenty of mobility and room. They are baggy and are not restrictive at all.
Padding-9/10 Again, nothing's perfect but these pants have padding in all the right places(crotch, legs/knee, butt)
Buttoning-7.5/10 There is a snap button and a loop that goes around a regular button. The snap button is prone to coming un-snapped and the loop can be a pain to get around the button
Overall-9/10 I recommend these pants to anyone. I play scenario and speedball and they allow me complete range of movement, great padding and super comfortable

Here are two pictures of me in my Animal pants.
Posted Image

Posted Image
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