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The mega Spec Ops Tactical Fusion Battle Pants review totally un-biased... with pictures!

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Posted 08 March 2006 - 03:47 PM

Okay. Lets start off by discribing my personal style of reviewing things. I am a serious pessimist on the forums, and hundreds of you already know that. This qualifies me to be one of the best reviewers out there, in my personal opinion. I have no bias, and therefore you can expect a totally honest un-biased review.

I think that Spec Ops does certain things great, and other things poorly... like any company. I shop around at all the "tactical" paintball places, as I feel they all have a handful of great products they provide that the other guys do not. Every company seems to have a "best" thing.

Spec Ops provides woodsball specific clothing, and are one of the only companies in the world to do this. Other companies just market and sell military surplus, or simple BDUs based on military designs. Spec Ops has taken the time to actually develop camo clothing with the specific sport of paintball in mind. Lets see if it is actually better then what the other guys provide...

This is a review for the Special Ops Tactical Fusion Battle Pants specificly.

I got my package in the mail. I had bought my pants on Ebay, as that was at the time the only place to find a size Large. I also saved 30 bucks. Score.


Posted Image

The pants fit perfectly. Seriously. Great length and width. They are an excellent fit.

Now, to discribe who perfectly fits into a size Large... I am 6 feet tall, and 170 pounds. I have an average build. If you are smaller than this, the thick velcro straps that run along either side of the waistline can be tightened to fit you as well, but it will bunch up a little. If you are thicker, the straps can be loosened nicley as well. If you are taller than 6 feet three inches they will become too short.


Posted Image

I snowboard, and have seen alot of ski and snowboarding apperel. I have also started to sew myself, as I am making my own MARPAT neck protector. I am a serious fan of quality. These pants have quality built in.

The stiching is in two rows in every part that counts. The thread is thick and the sewing is flawless. There were some hanging threads from the sewing ends not being trimmed, but these are not to be confused with frayed ends. It is quality stiching.

The material is seriously rugged. I have a strong feeling these pants will never fade or rip. The material is tough and thick, yet it is still quite light feeling. The fabric does not glare, and is not glossy as I had feared. It is very matte.

The pants are also entirley mesh lined. This is done to promote circulation, and to pull sweat from the body. The mesh is really comfortable. This is a saving grace, as the camo material would not feel nice next to the skin. Great feature.

Also, the stitching color has ALOT of contrast. Beyond 30 feet, no one is going to notice this, but it is still a little bright for my liking. They could use a darker thread.


Posted Image

This is the main feature of these pants. Since the bulk of the fabric is the non-stretchy rugged camo material, the pants still need to breathe and move. To allow for maximum movement, there is a stretchy material along certain joints in the pants, and for breathability there is a mesh sewn into the inside of the legs.

I was really impressed at the mobility of these pants, even though the main material is not stretchy. These few areas along the joints really allow for a full range of movement, and the vented feature is nice. The material does not bunch up in the lap when crounching too much, which was my main fear. This happens in alot of snowboarding pants. The pants never get too tight in any one area as well.


Posted Image

The Spec Ops woodland camo is not the same as MARPAT, which is my particular style of camo. It is not that different either, but the problem is that you cannot find that Spec Ops variety of camo anywhere other than Spec Ops. This makes it really hard to get a matching uniform to wear. I personally enjoy military issue headgear and accsesories, and the MARPAT is close but not the same. I might have better luck with CADPAT or another variety, to match these pants. I will take the pants to my local surplus store, and rate how well the other camos match these pants.

Having said that, the Spec Ops woodland is a nice pattern. The printing could be slightly more crisp, but there is not much bleeding or blurriness in the screenprinted colors.


Yes. Sound is a big deal to me, as I am a very stealthy player, yet I do not wear a full ghillie. I need my clothing report to not give me away while stalking.

The Special Ops Tactical Fusions are loud. They make a rustling noise while moving. They are not super loud, but are much louder than cloth BDUs. This is one area where these pants are disadvantaged. If you want to be super quiet out there, these pants are not for you. You would be better off with the Ultralites or another BDU. I am personally worried that when I wear the Fusion top, I will be pretty crinkly when I move. I will sound like a diaper. This concerns me, but honestly, this is almost a fair tradeoff as these pants will never rip.


I personally dislike labels, and pimping them. I feel like a label-whore when wearing too many of them, and I find them cheesey. These pants got alot of tags, logos and labels on em. Yikes. Now, I aint gonna cover them up, but I am not proud of them either. I am now a walking billboard for Spec Ops, and at the same time I am not sponsored by them. If I walk around and advertise for a company, I want a sponsorship deal! This is a personal thing, and you may not feel the same way, and thats cool. I just want the pants, not the name brand.

And that about sums it up. All in all, I love these pants. They are seriously rugged, and I doubt they will ever rip on me. If you are anything other than the stealthiest sniper, these are perfect paintball pants. For the snipey cats I would suggest Ultralite BDUs, with some Spec Ops Action Ghillie tied onto back, and the backs of the arms and legs. That way you can crawl without ruining your ghillie ties, and have a super light suit to do it in.

I will personally wear these pants as my mains for now on, even tho I am a very stealthy player. I hope the din of the woods conceal the sound of these pants a little. They are just so rugged and well built. I will indeed be buying the top to match these bottom, as they will also have the same quality if not more.

I do not think Spec Ops does everything great. They, like every other company, have a handful of products that absolutley rule above the rest. These pants represent one of the things Spec Ops does that rule over woodsball, and any other paintball company providing tactical paintball apperel. Spec Ops makes amazing paintball clothing it seems.

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Posted 08 March 2006 - 04:46 PM

This is kinda what I mean by the ghillied Ultralites:

Posted Image

You Action Ghillie the:
- back of the arms, minus the elbows
- back of the legs
- the entire back
- a bit on the collar and chest

This way you can belly crawl without ruining your ghillie. You will also be totally ghillied from the prone position, and almost 80 percent ghillied in the crouching position. This is accounting for the fact that you will have to be using a ghillied headwrap as well.

Now, Id love to hear from an owner of the Ultralites how this would work, as it is really just a theory.

The original Action Ghillie suit uses the Marauder top and bottoms, but it is made from the same material as the Fusions. That means they are crinkly and loud. Since the Ultralites are football mesh, I was hoping they would be quiet. Since it is a mesh, the Ghillie should zap strap on no problemo. The weird thing is that it looks like the football mesh in the Action Ghillie suit pictures, on the Spec Ops store. If the Marauder is a mesh AND the same material as the Fusion, how does that work?!

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Posted 08 March 2006 - 05:47 PM

Cool review.I love my fusions ;) .

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Posted 08 March 2006 - 06:12 PM

I read somewhere that all the new ag suits are going to be made with Ultralites now for better customer satisifaction
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Posted 08 March 2006 - 06:19 PM

it has been told that after several washes the fusion material will become less crisp and make less noise.
perhaps after a month or so of owneing them you could comment on the noise issue and any changes that occur.

just my thought.

good review.
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Posted 08 March 2006 - 06:38 PM

Good rivew, I like your detail.
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Posted 08 March 2006 - 08:05 PM

I can tell you from using Ultralites that after a couple washes they do become very quiet. As long as you don't shuffle and rub your cordura kneepads together, they will not make much noise and you can still move totally silently. I used these at a scenario game, and spent over 24 hours in them, including night play. I had no issues with stealth at night, and even pulled off a spectacular ambush that required me to quickly move into position at close range. The only stealth issue is the kneepads, and if you are aware of it you can avoid it without even thinking.

Something I've learned though my countless years of playing various types of stealth games is that you tend to be hyper-aware of any sound you make, but that sound is often not nearly as audible as you believe. It's to the point where a sound you think may give you away actually cannot be heard by someone a mere 10 feet from you, or will seem to be natural sounds. Do not fool yourself into thinking you are making more noise than you actually are. That is one of the biggest mistakes made by people learning to stalk. Learn what can and cannot be heard, and learn by observing others' movements and listening for the sounds they make.

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Posted 17 March 2006 - 04:08 PM


UPDATE: I will not be using these pants as my primary any longer. This is why:

- they are too green. Well, they are pretty much all green, and that is the problem. The USMC has spent thousands of dollars into research and development of their camo patterns. They found that green is best as an accent color, not a primary one. They use brown as their primary, as people tend to stick to the earth... not the trees. "green for the trees, brown for the ground". I could spend all day hining in plants or grass, or I could just use a better camo pattern.

- The huge bars of black on the pants A: attract the eye because they are a color that is not found in nature, and B: they have solid shapes with outlines that also attract the eye. They could have used green or brown material, but stuck with black. The Fusion top is even worse, with the HUGE black bars that stand out in nature way more than the pants. A silly design move, and totally avoidable.

- These pants are too noisy. They are. It is not a flexible material, and it makes you sound liek a diaper while stalking. Twigs that rub up against it make the sound even worse. Swish swish, crunch crunch. Enough said. A pair of regular BDU's will get so soft after a few washed, and be virtually silent. I cant be making noise out there, when I stalk within 30 feet of people. Contrary to popular opinion, the material Cordura does not become softer and quieter. I have it on my snowboard pants. It is not flexible, and therefore can not become soft... ever.

- All the mistakes made with the pants are made with the top, only worse.

That, and I am SO GLAD TO BE RID OF ALL THOSE DANG LOGOS EVERYWHERE? What, am I sponsored or something? Wheres my free stuff? Why are you being treated like a "space for rent" billboard?

So, I will give them to my friend as a present, as he does not value stealth and concealment as much as I do. They are SUPER DURABLE and will never die, but the cons now outweigh the pros for me. I got a set of MARPAT BDU's, and they totally rock. Excellent pattern, and now I can buy a gazillion things to match them. Super quiet. They might rip, so I may need to patch them or replace them every few years, but still sorth it in my eyes.

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Posted 23 March 2006 - 08:21 AM


- they are too green. Well, they are pretty much all green, and that is the problem. The USMC has spent thousands of dollars into research and development of their camo patterns. They found that green is best as an accent color, not a primary one. They use brown as their primary, as people tend to stick to the earth... not the trees. "green for the trees, brown for the ground". I could spend all day hining in plants or grass, or I could just use a better camo pattern.


CADPAT has a ton of green but it works in the right environment. All camo types have their virtues, and whilst I love MARPAT, I have to argue that SPECPAT and CADPAT have their uses.

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Posted 11 August 2006 - 08:43 AM

just answering the ultralite ag question if you get the AG2 then everything is mesh even the knee and elbow pads, it also has some crotch protection in it! these are quality and i probably won't ever trade my AG2! it works so good!


EDIT: forgot to say the pants and shirt make little to no noise at all. great buy!

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Posted 11 August 2006 - 11:58 AM

"That, and I am SO GLAD TO BE RID OF ALL THOSE DANG LOGOS EVERYWHERE? What, am I sponsored or something? Wheres my free stuff? Why are you being treated like a "space for rent" billboard?"

lol, thats spec ops for ya :dodgy: still love em tho
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