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The Paintball Leatherman how to bild the all in one paintball accessory

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Post icon  Posted 11 August 2008 - 07:41 PM

ok so i was reading
and i remembered MY bipod...i also remembered that i could use it for much more than a bipod...my brain shifted into overdrive and this thread was born...

i call it...taio [the all in one]
its a:

15 round tube
sound amplifier
barrel blocking device
vehicle mounting device
smoke grenade launcher
all in one!!!

and its 99%self containing [all but the vehicle mount can be on the device at all times]

heres how to make it!

Here's what you need:
2 spring clamps [home depot $5] [you only need one if you dont want to make it into a vehicle mount too]
1 curtain rod [home depot $10]] [you only need this if you are going to make the vehicle mount]
2 1 ft sections of 1" inner diameter 1.25 in outer diameter pvc sch40 pipe [home depot $??]
1 1"x1"x.5" 3 way pvc sch 40 L joint
1 vl200 pod [academy $2]
1 32 oz Gatorade bottle [home depot $1]
1 elastic cord/surgical tubing [home depot $1]
1 1x1x1 'T' sch 40 joint
duct tape
old rag
gorilla glue

Step by step:
take the first 1' section of pvc and seal the end with gorilla glue
after the glue cures drill a hole through the pipe 2" from the end with the gorilla glue
thread your elastic cord/surgical tubing through the hole and seal it with more gorilla glue
tie a knot in the elastic cord at the bottom of the tube [the side not sealed with gorilla glue]
attach the 3 way joint to the top of the tube so that it makes a backwards upside down L with the third hole is pointing away from you
cut the bottom part [the part that goes into the marker itself] off of the hopper and stick it [not too far in] into the .5" hole on the 3 way joint
set the first piece aside

on the second section wrap duct tape around the end twice
cut off the top of the 32 oz bottle and affix it to the duct taped end [it should just slide on] [side note: the bottle top will need to be removed if you plan to use it as a bipod so that you wont get dirt in the opening, you can just use the 1x1x1 'T' joint, cut the second piece into two 5" segments and attach them with the joint, then take the remaining 1" piece of pipe and attach it into the remaining hole, wrap it twice with duct tape...and attach the Gatorade bottle top there when not in use]
set the second piece aside.

take the rag and fold it horizontally until you have a tube, place that inside the spring clamp and cut off the excess [this will protect the barrel from scratches.]
set the spring clamp aside.

take the curtain rod and install it across the vehicle parallel to your body |=| <=like that so that it is at the front of the opening for the turret.
attach the second spring clamp to the curtain rod
you are done with that part.

take the spring clamp and attach the two pieces of pvc pipe to each leg...and there you go! its an all in one!

now the uses:
bipod: attach the aio to the barrel of the marker
stock: remove the second leg and insert it into the L joint of the first leg, then attach the clamp to the handle of the marker.
15 round tube: take the hopper end out of the L joint and insert it into the open end of the first tube, pull the surgical tube/elastic band around the marker and insert the hopper end in the hopper insert.
sound amplifier: remove the Gatorade bottle from the T joint and install it on the end of the second pipe, slide the pipe onto the end of your barrel and attach it when the barrel is at the neck of the Gatorade bottle.
barrel blocking device. insert the first tube over the barrel and use the elastic band/surgical tubing to hold it securely in place.
foregrip: remove one leg of the bipod. [OR] slide the second tube over the barrel and attach the first piece to the open end
vehicle mounting device: insert the end of the second leg into the second spring clamp attached to the vehicle
smoke grenade launcher insert the second tube over the barrel like with the sound amplifier only leave about 3" space between the barrel and the end of the pipe...insert the smoke grenade "the ball shaped ones fit perfect and fly around 20 yards"

there you go! if you can think of any more uses pleas post them here and remember:
its not how it looks...its how it works that counts.

p.s. i will upload pics of it as soon as i take them [i apologize in advance as all i have is my phone]

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Posted 11 August 2008 - 07:45 PM

Pics or shens.
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Posted 11 August 2008 - 07:57 PM

Fortunately I think people that make it can use it for other purposes if they feel the need no longer exists.


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