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Posted 25 March 2006 - 11:42 PM

When it comes to buying paint , I am very picky . I don't buy just because of the brand names . I want to look at them first . Fortunately the local field sells paint by the case and by the 500 round bags from cases they open . I prefer to buy paint by the 500 rnd bag so I actually see them before I buy . On this particular day they had Stingers , PMI Premiums , Evil , Rampage , Empire Inertia and Empire Ramp . The Ramps was the last paint I looked at . I was about to walk out of the store because the Evils and Inertia had dimples and bad seams . Due to bad experiences in the past with the other brands , I won't even consider them . I needed some paint though so I decided to take a look at the Empire Ramps anyway. Not expecting much . I was surprised at what I found . I spent about 10 minutes looking at a 500 rnd bag just trying to find something wrong with them . All the seams were perfect , no dimples , perfectly round , no oily surface on the shells . Happy with what I saw , I bought a 500 rnd bag .

After I got home I done a few tests with them . The roll test , they rolled like marbles . The drop test , soft but thick shells . Took a few drops , but not too much , to break one . They had a nice thick fill also . Now it was time to put them to a real test and shoot them . I found out the hard way that they are a larger bore paint (.691) . Broke a couple in the barrel , but that was my fault . Once I had the right barrel for the Ramps , at 30 yards it was nothing to keep these balls inside a 12" circle . Flew straight almost every shot . The ones that didn't fly straight were due to shooter error and practice shots with the Apex in super flatline mode . Unfortunately my local field is out of them and it doesn't look like they will ever stock them again due to "deals" they get on white box paint . I would love to play a couple games with this brand , but I was having so much fun testing them out I'm down to 100 rounds now and those are being reserved for the Longbow at the next game .

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