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Project SALVO Review Applied to A Sniper's Role Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 18 May 2010 - 04:31 PM

Tippman Project SALVO Review.

First Impressions
The nice thing about this marker, is that it has all the mods you could really want.

The shoulder stock is a skeltonized and folds to the side. It is also bulky, and extend 6 inches longer than you would ever need it too. When I play, I move it the first notch out and leave it. Also the screw/nut combo seems extremely cheap, and deserves a nice touch of Loc-Tite. I personally, consider the stock a neccesary comfort iteam for me, and could not go to a game without one. The folding option is nice, but I have never used it at all, and seems to create an unnecesary weak point. Overall, the stock design of the Salvo is inferior to the design of the Alpha Black.

The top of the receiver has a "tactical" M1913 type rail, that alows for the attachment of most Red Dot sights, and weaver type scope rings. This is a feature that I definatly intend to use in a "Sniper" type roll. This the only reason I chose it over the Alpha Black which is identical performance-wise. Unfortunatly, like most paintball markers, the stock-mask fit always requires the use of a higher or offset type mount.

Moving onto the front-end, the barrel is protected by a receiver-mounted railed handguard. It definatly helps to protect the barrel. The handguard has rails that extend about 9 inches at 6,3,12, and 9 o clock positions. While for most people, this will be superficial, and is unneeded, it does alow for a certain amount of flexibility. I am seriously considering mounting a "Grip-Pod" (A foregrip/bipod combination) onto the 6-o clock position about 2 inches foreward of the magazine.

As far as performance goes, it is typical of what to expect from Tippman. The stock barrel is not usuable for most styles of play. The overall accuracy severely limits your range by about half. I can hit a large torso sized target at 25 yards on average 7/10 times. This is not good enough, because most of the time, you do not get a nice open shot, but rather a gun, half a face mask, and a part of a chest peaking out from around a tree to shoot at 35 yards. The report is identical to a T98 or an A5, and as loud as markers come. There is no good way to lower it either.

There is no way to make it as quiet as higher-end markers, but their is no reason that it should not be just as accurate, and suitable as a Sniper Weapon System. However, granted, it is not the perfected ideal, but can come pretty damn close.

In the near future, I am defintaly upgrade this marker. The ideal situation would be to set it up the marker, so that the only realitive accuracy variation is elevation wise, while left and right windage is as close to non-existant as possible. I am looking for a barrel that will help get me as close to that as possible. After that, a Red Dot sight with the apropriate heightened rail would further enhance the potential accuracy, and hopefully create a very precise, and usable paintball marker well suited for the use of a Sniper.

Hopefully, once this is all done, and I have the final product, I will be able to further elaborate on how it turned out.

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