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Posted 23 January 2008 - 07:01 PM

Alright, i acquired my third autococker recently, and decided to pick up a classic this time.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Anyhow, i was aware that the cocker had some issues when i first bought it, but now that it's arrived ive had to a chance to diagnose the problems. The marker so far has been leak free, but when its fired no air comes out the front. Obviously, the bolt is in right, i havent made an error in that case. Just wondering if anyone can help diagnose the problem. The marker still pop's like it should fire, and the cocking pin/trigger react properly, but im gettin now air out the chamber.

Ive linked a video just below. Now i assume it just needs a new valve, or perhaps the valve needs a good cleaning/lubing.. before i go ahead and try and track down a valve for an older cocker, anyone else have any idea what the issue might be? the vid of it cycling is below

link to cocker vid.

its only a 10 meg AVI. So 2 questions,
1) think its just a new valve i need?
2) where on earth would i track one down for a marker of this age?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted 23 January 2008 - 08:43 PM

First things first, do you have a valve tool? if not, step 1, buy a valve tool.

Check the valve... some can be installed upside down, others are ambiguous. Check the bolt to see if the length is correct. If you got stuck with a 99 backblock (looks it) and evo bolt, or 2k bolt, it may not prolerly line up with your valve. Check in the feedneck to see the location of the face when pumped forward. A 2k is about 3/8 shorter, so the port misses the bolt opening.

If it has something like a Rat valve installed, the pressure can actually push the cup seal so hard, the valve won't open. The earlier valves were made for unregulated CO2, and were much less temperamental. I think PPS has valves of similar design.

Check the stem length. Some people file the stem to decrease dwell and bounce (not a bad idea...) but take off an eighth, instead of a 16th like they should. Valve stops working.

Check the jam nut. If it has unscrewed, it might be catching the hammer before the hammer hits valve.

Last, check your hammer. Some have a dimpled face to compensate for poorly designed valves. If you have a good valve with a short stem, AND a dimpled hammer, you might not be making contact.
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