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Posted 27 July 2007 - 09:03 PM

ive noticed this section doesnt get much love in comparision to the other sections on the spec ops forum so i thought i would contribute to the hard working Referee's out there.

i used to work for a couple of fields for roughly just over 2 years, i have referee'd both social groups and tournaments in all sorts of weather conditions so i thought i would share some bare essentials a new referee might want to consider taking out on the field to survive a very hard days work.

first up the bare essential........Your mask!!

as your mask gets a few work out from being used more often that your average player, make sure that your head straps are in good condition, and to replace those that are starting to lose their elasticity. Also check your lenses more regularly, make sure there are no cracks or starring on the lens.

Camel Bak

these will save your life during those long sessions when the social groups are makign you run around like a chook with its head missing. make sure it gets topped up with fresh water during your break, the last thing you want to do is to step out onto the field and miles from the nearest tap, only to realise you forgot to top it up.

i have a 3 litre camel bak, i would find that this would generally last 3hr session during Summer, more in winter. Some of my work collegues would put a small amount of gatorade powder in their camel bak to help replenish their electrolites as they drank.


You arent a referee if you dont have a whistle. make sure you have one at all times, attach it to your camel bak. these start and stop the games. it will aid you in controlling the group during games and when everyone is so excited they arent listening to you.

Also if you are wearing your whistle around your neck on a lanyard, put a couple of spare bottle o rings on it, you never know when a marker problem can be solved by replacing the bottle o ring.

Straight shot or pull through

make sure you have one of these on you out on the field, it makes cleaning a customers marker so much easier.

Spray Bottle/ Ski-gee

on those hot summer days, you can help cool and calm down your customers by carrying a spray bottle, comes in handy when you have a customer suffering heat stroke or exhaustion because they thought it would be a good idea to go drinking heavily the night before playing paintball..........trust me it will eventually happen to you if you referee long enough.

the spray bottle and ski gee also comes in handy when a customer has come up to you with a goggle shot and they need their mask cleaned, spray the lens and simply wipe the area clean with the ski gee.

Drop Pouch/ Drop bag

now i used to wear an old medic bag around my waist as a drop pouch that would be big enough to hold the spray bottle, the ski gee, 20 co2 bottle and for other misc. rubbish you will find out on the field. this will give you a chance to free up your hands when you need them most, yet keep your essentials close by.

Optional accessories

Bum bag to store allen keys, o rings, swabs for your straight shot, and a basic first aid kit which contains rubber gloves.........make sure these are here because it helps when you have to clean the inside of someones mask in the safe area or if a customer decides they wanna be a patient.

now no matter what happens on the field it is essential for referees to remain calm and polite on the field, when it gets stressful make sure you have a support team from your other referees, they will help you keep your calm and when the situation gets tough
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Posted 27 July 2007 - 11:27 PM

The spray bottle is a life saver. I use it to clean off masks too.
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Posted 28 July 2007 - 07:19 AM


I think this is a great list but I don't know if they all are essentials as much as recommendations. I'm headed out to ref in about 30 or so minutes and all I'm going to take with me is my mask (this one def is essential), a ref vest, a rag, small bottle of lenses cleaner, and slider shorts. I do have the advantage of having a field that gives free bottles of water to the refs so I don't wear a camelbak and with my voice I don't use a whistle but it is an EXCELLENT recommendation for people, let me state that a little more clearly....

A whistle is an EXCELLENT recommendation, especially if you feel you can't control people without having a marker.

But all in all, great idea, and great suggestions!
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