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NJ Nam Official Invite! May 30th & 31st at USANA A personal invite to join us in some fun! Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 05 March 2009 - 07:51 PM

Howdy All!

I wanted to extend an personal invite to this years NJ Nam! We believe this years event will be the best ever and have a action packed weekend planned for the players!

This year I will be generaling the Americans vs Doug Decker and the VC. Both sides have a large number of quality teams lined up to support them and should prove to be a hard fought, epic battle!

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REGISTRATION is now open at www.phenixpaintball.com or njnam.com (Sorry for the delay but the new site is open and ready!)


Gates open at Noon
??? Dave Cilio will teach Night Playing Seminar (For both beginners
and advanced players! You can read more below)
Registration opens at 1:00
Swat House Competition begins at: 2:30
Paint and Air 6pm - 8pm (Will only give out paint if weather is not too
hot - we don't want players cooking their paint in their car!)
American Team Meeting @ 8pm
VC Team Meeting @ ?? (Ask Doug Decker LOL!)

Game Schedule

7:00 am Registration, Air, Paint and Chronos Open
9:30 am Orientation
11:00 am Game On
6:00- 8:00PM Dinner Break (Sunset is 8:15 PM)
8:00pm -Midnight night play (Yes we will play until Midnight so be

7:00 am Paint,Air and Chronos open
9:00 am Game on
12:30 -1:30 Break
1:30 to 2:30 Final Battle
3:00 Award Ceremony

***HSI has totally redone the kitchen and eating areas and will
be providing good food for the entire event! A Menu/ pricing and
times will be available soon from HSI ***

Some note worthy items...

SWAT House

The SWAT House will be open at 2:30 pm sharp and will
feature a 2vs2 tourney & 1vs1 matches (prizes will definately be
awarded for 2vs2 and may be awarded for 1vs1's as well) The
SWAT House has also been totally redone by HSI!

Air & Co2 -
STC will be providing the Air & Co2 for Nam this year and it will be
available in 2 places!

- Off field (in parking area)will have: 4500 psi & 3000 psi and multiple
stations and Co2 stations of course

- On field (in middle area) will have: 3000 psi & Co2 as well!

Night Play

Night play will be played until midnight so be prepared!

In an effort to improve night play Phenix has teamed up with Dave Cilio
(The best night player we know) and will provide a "Night Playing

This will be something new and different because Dave will not only
teach the seminar on Friday, but will play along side of the players on
Saturday night, to help provide "Hands on Training!" Although Dave will
be playing on the American Side, players form both sides will be
welcomed to join the seminar.

For more information, questions or to check out Dave's credentials
please check out at www.warrioronetraining.com


There will be 2 transports busing players to & from field before and
during game. We don't want players walking far in the heat when they
don't need to!


The map will be posted soon, but the playing area will be "U Shaped"
and WILL NOT INCLUDE MIDDLE OPEN AREAS! (The middle area will be a
Dead Zone with Paint/Air/Co2 & Water!)

The playing are will be fully wooded and we believe, much cooler this
year. We have also designed it to eliminate the "long balling, choke
point in the middle!"

We really put a lot of thought into making this years field & facilities as
player friendly as humanly possible!


In an effort to get more players involved in the missions we will be
changing a few things:
1. Making a Dead Zone close to both bases in order to get more
players to check in with their base before re-entering the field.
This way they will know what missions are going on.
2. Announcing several missions before the game starts so both
sides can plan and get more players involved.

Dead Zones -

There will be three DZ's.
- One main in the middle area with paint/air/Co2/Water/Shade
- The other two will be in the field of play close to the bases to help
eliminate long walks by the players and keep players in touch with their
bases to get more players involved with the missions.

*** All Dead Zones will have water, rags, spray bottles, game clocks
a ref and a set of rules!


We have added something new this year to incorporate tanks into the
game more. There will be at least 2 (maybe more) spaces on the field
where a tank can park and turn into a "Pillbox". Once parked in this
spot it can not be killed by a regular law rocket. It must be killed by a
special Demo prop from the producers.

To make it interesting for both parties... When the tank is in these
spots and is killed by the special demo charge, it will be
worth points for the opposing team if they kill it!

This is something new and not done anywhere else that we know of
and hope will add some new excitement to the tanks & players.


Refs are as always paramount and will be again using House Solstice.
They are the top reffing squad we have seen for any scenario played
in the woods by far and are proud to welcome them back!


As usual there will be three prices for registration:
Early Bird (More than 30 days before game)
Preregistration (29-14 days prior to game)
Walk Ons (13 days or less)

* we have hit the "Walk on player price with an increase due to
the fact that a heavy influx of last minute registrations causes
us issues with providing enough Spot-a-pots, paint, Co2, food
and refs and negatively impacts the quality of the service
players get. Although we always welcome and appreciate our
players, we want them to register early so we can make their
event as enjoyable as possible!


We will be offering 2 different grades of paint again this year for your
convenience (and offering it in 2 places off field and on the field in the
main Dead Zone)

Paints will be Stinger ($55) and Marbleizer ($65)

Gun Rentals

STC Will be providing gun rentals for the event.
Marker, Air Tank, Pod Pack, Pods, Mask, Manual Feed Hopper
$20.0 per day or $30.00 for the weekend
$5.00 Compressor Air Tank (available on a first come basis)


There will be chrono areas in front and in middle DZ.
Players will, as always, chrono in before entering the field and again
before night play. Their cards will have chrono spots on them to make
sure players have been checked. Any player found on the field without
being checked will immediately be taken from the field and escorted to
the chrono area where he receive a double punch and or asked to
leave the event (If found shooting hot and not being checked before
entering field)

*** Players will be not only be checked before game on and before
night play, but will be spot checked reentering the field and on the field
by refs with hand held chronos!

If it sounds like we are serious about chronos, it's because we are! We plan to chrono the players more than any other event so be prepared to play safe or not at our events!

Phenix's philosophy: We will try to do every thing humanly possible to raise the quality of our events and to make them as enjoyable as possible for the players. If that means we have to ruffle a few feathers of players that have bad attitudes or wish to play unsafe then so be it! Phenix is made up a group of 7 long time paintball players that all wish to raise the quality of paintball play. (Please see www.phenixpaintball.com for a list of those partners) We will also not be hyping any special effects such as helicopters or such this year... Only quality paintball and a safe, fun atmosphere!

Story Line

In 1965 Lt. Colonel Harold Moore established LZ (Landing Zone) X-Ray just outside of the IA Drang Valley. Once he set up the a base camp at Plei Me, the US poured in a massive force of troops and armor to drive the NVA from the area. Captain William Watkins, Moore's XO, lead the first major clash against the NVA,

General Chu Huy Man considered the IA Drang Valley his personal domain the and Civilians there under his protection. The NVA was based in the foothills of the Chu Pong Mountains and his numerous troops were a match for the invading US forces. He charged Colonel Jing Lee Tae, his second in command, to drive the US from his valley.

The Civilians who lived there just wanted to farm and worship without either army disrupting their lives. The lived their lives with the prayer "Ong se duoc thudng" (you will be rewarded) and the sooner both armies left them alone the better happier they would be.

But the battle of IA Drang Valley would change their lives forever.

Lt. Colonel Harold Moore- Charles Stone
Captain William Watkins- "Crash" from XIII Legionnaires

General Chu Huy Man- Douglas Decker
Colonel Jing Lee Tae-

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Posted 05 March 2009 - 11:48 PM

Oh god! I may be home for this!!!!11 Finally...I might get to play NJ Nam once more!!!!
US Air Force
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Posted 06 March 2009 - 03:21 PM

View PostCptObvious, on Mar 6 2009, 02:48 AM, said:

Oh god! I may be home for this!!!!11 Finally...I might get to play NJ Nam once more!!!!

:laugh: I knew you were going to say that! Hope you get to play.

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Posted 10 May 2009 - 04:02 AM

any fast, sneaky, aggressive players who are looking to run with a small aggressive team, check link in my signature.

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