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500 rnd QLoader System another review (56K Beware) Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 21 January 2006 - 05:06 PM

Now that I got to use it a couple times , it is time for a review .

The pods are a simple design , but well thought out . The spring motors come prewound , but I had to take them apart and reset the prewinds so they could feed all of the balls .

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

It will take an hour or two to get used to it , but once you get the hang of them it is a snap . Now it takes me a whole minute to take the pod apart and wind the spring and reassemble . A little hint on prewinding ; notice how I hold the collar on the right with two fingers (pic below). You do not want to grab onto the spring and try to prewind or you will bind the spring up .

Posted Image

IMO the pods are a great idea . They feed fast and reliably . Very little chance of breaking a ball inside the pod unless you have really bad paint (like my first time using them) .

Now it is time for my one complaint about this system : This blimp they send along with it to load balls into the pods .

Posted Image

Do yourself a favor . The very first thing you should do with this blimp is take it outside and see how far you can kick it .

Posted Image

Mine went 52 ft .

Doesn't this look alot more simple .

Posted Image

It is nothing more than a gravity fed 200 round hopper with two layers of electrical tape around the feedneck for a snug fit . The shoulder straps on the silo suck . I have broad shoulders and the silo kept falling off . Balls were constantly getting jammed in the feed tube at both ends . So to hell with that damn silo . :RANT:

Set up with the hopper , you can easily hold the pod in one hand , turn the crank with the other and easily see the balls go in the pods . You do not want any gaps between the balls in the pods otherwise you might break a few .

Posted Image

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Posted 21 January 2006 - 05:13 PM

i did the same thing but with an agitated hopper, their silo thing pretty much sucks.
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Posted 23 January 2006 - 04:46 PM

Nice review. I totally agree on the silo that thing is a real POS

So as not to start yet another Q-loader review thread here is my review too (hope you don't mind)

After hours of time spent testing and practice here is my report

Posted Image
I purchased a pre-owned (it was new in the box) 5 pod Q-loader with a custom mounting kit.
The product is packaged well and ships just fine. I examined the pods and other parts very closely they appear to be
well built and with take a fair amount of abuse.

Now you are ready to start putting this thing on your gun.
Following the instructions will save you lots of time and frustration!!!!![/color]

The instructions are above average as far as instructions go. Easy to read and follow.

The pods have a spring in them that must be pre-wound to feed the paint at a very steady and consistent rate of speed. You will mount an adapter on your gun that lets the balls feed through a corrugated plastic tube from the pod to the feed neck on your marker. This tubing must be the right length. If it is to short or to long a ball will be ˝ way between the feed neck on the pod and when you disengage the pod you will cut the ball and break paint. Also you will want to fill the plastic tube with balls before you engage the pod. The pod feeds the 5-7inches of tubing so fast and so hard you risk breaking a ball if you don’t.

Breaking paint in side the tubing or pods is a labor intensive cleaning project.

Ok you have read the instructions and pre-wound your pods so you are ready to load the pods with paint, The silo as they call it gets a big fat zero on a scale of 1-10. It's awkward, you have to shake it the whole time you load in the paint. it's easy to get gaps when you load the paint. I didn't like the silo.
When winding the paint you must be careful not to miss any balls if you get a gap of 2 or more balls when you engage the pod it will break paint inside the pod.
Posted Image

The best solution I have found for loading the pods is my revy hopper, It fits right on the loading device and feed paint in very nicely. It saves a lot of time.
Posted Image

The first time I put the q-loader on my Tac-one and tried to use it I broke paint in 4 of the 5 pods and the tubing as well. It takes a lot of time to take the pods apart and clean them, dry them and put them back together. Plus you ruin all the balls in the pod.

I was so frustrated with it I was ready to put it on e-bay for $50.
But I gave it one more try, after reading the instructions again. This time it worked very nicely. The tubing did pop out of the feed neck once (easy fix)but it unloaded 100 rounds so fast I barley had time think.

When I did get the hang of this thing it works like a dream.
Changing pods is a snap and it feeds very smooth. Don't drop your pods. you don't want to get dirt and crud in them.

The q-loader is not for everyone. When properly set up it is a very good feed system, quite, fast and very smooth.
The learning curve very steep

So it breaks down like this scale 1-10 10 being perfect
Silo loading system: 0
Plug and play: 4
Maintenance and cleaning: 5
System set up and marker attachment: 7
Quality of construction and design: 8
No batteries: 9
Feed system: 9.5

I am still working on the feed neck, and the Q-bow is my final goal.[/font]
Posted Image

Your comments are welcome

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Posted 23 January 2006 - 05:09 PM

Pale, your hose from your Loader to your gun is TO LONG, when you load a pod, there will be a higher chance of that tube poping off more often, and there is more chance of breacking if you dont have enough paintballs in the tube before you change pods. Also you might consider a slightly harder paintball, you get to small of a paintball the q-loader will try and push 2+ pbs into your gun, I had this problem with Hurrican, but Hot-spot I havent ever had a problem. I find that if I have my tube pre-loaded you can through the pods and the paint wont break in them, and when loading you wont have any breaks and everything will be good to go.

I tired a grave hopper idea, IT SUCKED! worse then the Silo.. so I use the Silo cause I can load a pod WAY faster, takes no time at all I have the filling processes down, I sat for hours practicing to find the most efficent way.

also if you get a break in your tube from loader to your gun, just replace the tube with a spare tube you carry with you, I cut up another tube that came with my q-loader and I carry it with me on the field so I can change it out if it gets wet or nasty, then between matchs I can let the one dry after cleaning.


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#5 Guest_Pale Rider_*

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Posted 23 January 2006 - 07:38 PM

Storm Thank you,
I thought my tube was too long but I don't like how high the feed neck sticks out. the q-boq adaptor will fix that problem.

I have found that Pre loading the tube work the best too. A gravity feed hopper would only be samller than the silo and it would still need to be shaken ever few balls. using a revy feeds the balls really smooth and is much faster than that damn pos silo. I will look for some harder larger paint.

Again thanks for the suggestions :P

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