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Posted 22 January 2007 - 04:18 AM

Ok everyone the point of this topic is to basicly get a list of the best tactics, and advice you know, that your willing to share, along with Commanding tips, and tips on anything else that might be important for other new players to know.

So lets build a Real Paintball Guide for Bushball and Senerio play.
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Posted 22 January 2007 - 10:16 PM

Sounds good to me. I'll repost later cause it's late at night right now, but might I suggest, Ghost Outlaw, is that you repost that wonderful Commander's Guide you posted earlier to start and get people brainstorming on what to put in here. I'll put in what I have in pieces at a time when I get back home.
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Posted 23 January 2007 - 05:20 AM

Ok everyone this is what Im trying for, Im trying to get everyone to post there tactics and Commanding tips, and tips on playing all the possitions, basicly to make a guide for everyone.

Dont mind the spelling or grammar errors I haven't had time to go back over it and correct and edit it.

Starting from the Basic Thoughts:

People/teams either think their good or they donít care.
Commander assumes all his guys trust each other without testing that idea.
Team assumes everyone gets along because they all want to play the game.
Some players think they are the best because they have the best gear.
Some players are quick to temper u need to know who they are.

Other Teams:

All most any other team wants to challenge your team.
Some teams will bad mouth your guys and your team even if you have beaten them.

Commanding/ Command Structure:

Commander make sure when you speak everyone learns that means stop talking and listen!
Commander set up a good Command Structure as fast as you can.
Every team has a couple of guys who think they are second in charge for 1 reason or another.

Commander watch your guys see what talents they each have everyone of them will be good at some thing.

Commander when picking a 2NCO pick very carefully everyone on the team is going to have to respect and listen to that person at some point no questions asked.

Commander in your position you call the shots, make aware to your guys that some times they are going to have to fulfill rolls and positions they donít like or want to do but it beneficiary to the whole team to play that roll when ask or told to without complaining or asking why me?

Commanders must learn that just because someone is family or their best friend that doesn't mean that person should get any special rank or treatment they will earn their way like the rest. You wouldn't turn down your best 2NCO because family or friends wanted the position, those people know itís a team and how it works if your good u get better position if your not that good you just get to play.


How should you treat them, with respect, kindness ( this is a game not the army), encouragement, constructive criticism.

How not to treat them never yell at anyone ( unless its an order to a group), donít name call, donít use profanity, donít belittle, donít threaten, donít single out 1 guy from the rest, donít hold anything against anyone.

Commander how not to act, remember if you donít have a team you are no longer in Command, Donít get power hungry, donít think you are better then the rest, if you get frustrated donít show it ( it only upsets everyone), donít get bossy and get everyone else to do all the work ( they can quit as quick as you can), Never feel you are above the smallest tasks.

Commander How To Act, Show complete confidence in all your decisions and out on the field, stay strong to the end no matter what as long as the Commander has hope his men and his team have hope, Always keep an open mind anything can change in a flash, have confidence and trust in your men and they will return it, Never panic in tight or hot situation keep a cool mind and think straight and clear ( its up to you to save your guys and get them out of there), If your not willing to do it donít think your guys will be willing either, Always look for a better way to do something, Change stuff up so all your guys know what to do in certain positions, be a true leader ( that means some times you have to run out first in front of your guys and lead the charge), Show pride in your team, and I would say most of all be a
friend/Brother to your men ( a friend will fight with you, a brother will do anything to help you even die beside you and he will never let you stand alone, he will even take your place and let you get away so he dies but he knows that since his brother/commander got away the team still has a chance).

The Commander position is a very high honor for anyone to have, word of advice never abuse it, remember its not granted its earned through respect and leadership and only with respect will you maintain it.

What a Commander should be thinking off/on the field:

Before any planed game you should be thinking about who your players are, have any of them played against another team, what are your strong points are against your opposing team and of course what your weak points are, once you know that start thinking of way to lessen your weak points ( like if you know what the other teams is using for equipment compare it to yours in your mind if their stuff is better, weak point, find away that makes there better gear not so much better in the fieldÖ explained later), Make sure you have an idea of what the course is like the terrain the basic set up of the field, Make up a strategy based on what you know now but make it adaptable to change quickly if something has changed, Make sure all your guys know the hand signals and codes word call outs.

During a game once everything is in motion, your mind needs to be on the game at hand not wishing that some of your other players had shown up, or why didn't you bring your cup, stay focused at all times, If you set up a plan with your guys and decided to change it during game play if you cant communicate the change with the whole team donít do it or you will have a bunch of guys running around for target practice for the other team, Try your best to know where all your guys are roughly and how many of your guys and the other teams are out so if asked you can give a quick and sure response,

Tactics giving your self the upper hand:

As I was saying earlier know weak and strong points, if the other team has better equipment find away that makes it useless like, say better camouflage find a place on the course where their camo makes them stand out, better gun donít panic its not the gun itís the skill of the guy carrying it that makes it good or not if he's good find a quick way to out flank him and take him out fast donít let him use it, just little things like those can win or lose a game if not thought about or acted on.

Learn to use your camouflage so many people think just because they are wearing camo they will be perfectly hidden, that right there is the first and biggest mistake. Camouflage does work yes, but to use it to its full potential you need practice in the field wearing it finding where it works best and what its weak points areÖ ever think about that weak points in one's camo, think about it and you will see what needs to be worked on.

Here is a mind tactic, never under estimate, or over estimate your enemy forget what you have heard about them or what they tell you. Some battles are lost before they're fought because one side feels like they cant compete with who they're up against because of what they have heard about that team. So just play the game watch and study your enemy closely and find away to win. No one is un-beatable no matter what people say, they are good but can always be beaten one way or another.


Never get to comfortable playing on a field, if you do get to comfortable or start thinking I know this field like the back of my hand, You have a problem. Its ok to know a field well but if you get to comfortable you let your guard down unconsciously. Believe it or not if you look closely you will always find a new angle or a new place to hide or shoot from never stop looking for these advantages.

There are different types of fields to get a costume to such as a pre-set up fields on an official field with boundaries, Outlaw homemade fields with boundaries, or fields on islands or acres of land. Sure they all sound pretty much the same but every field has its own challenges and difficulties which you will have to overcome fast to win the game, so its best to play on as many different fields as possible so nothing shocks you in the field.


There are so many players out there with so many different styles of play. Because of this it is in your best interest to find as many new players as possible to play with, that way you can watch and learn or just see how they play so if you ever come up against that person you can be ready to fight.

WOA ( word of advice)

Never talked about yourself or how good you think you are around anyone not even to your team. If they want to talk about you thatís fine but donít be the one to point it out. If you do, you just sound cocky.

If you have invited a team out to play against donít show that youíre a good player when they are watching, make them think you aren't very good by making a couple of mistakes that aren't obvious that your acting but enough so that your noticed.

Always no matter what if anyone hits you and you know it was a good shot always always complement them, it feels great to know you did something that helped your team and impressed the enemy.

The one of best things that will ever happen is without you saying a word ,your reputation as a player spreads like wild fire at the local high schools and everyone wants to challenge you, and you hear about this through your friends and colleagues at work. Now there is a player who has proven themselves to have been a deadly force to be reckoned with. They say reputation precedes the man.

Always make sure your gun and gear are clean and ready to go before you hit the course its never good to get to the field and find out your gun isn't firing, or your mask is covered in paint from 2 weeks ago.

Proper Care and Maintenance of your gear:

This applies to any player any where no matter how good they are or not or how much your gear costs.

If youíre a beginer to paintball and have a cheaper gun and gear treat it like it was top of the line gear because if you do stick with the sport and get better gear you will treat your new stuff like your old stuff so get into the habit of taking care of it.

If you have been playing for a couple of years now you most likely have the gear thatís worth every cent you spent on it. All I would suggest is that you continue to treat your gear as if it were brand new even though you might be getting tired of the cleaning.

Every player no matter how much experience they have, should when their done playing go home clean their mask, clean and oil the gun, and wash their clothing so they will be ready to go in a moments notice of the next game. Paintball is a sport but it is also a way of life.

At least once a month take your gun completely apart and check the O-rings and make sure there isn't any dirt building up any where, we are woodballers and there will always be dirt in our guns, just try to keep it to a minimum.

Things Every Commander Will Hear

There will always be those questions and statements you will hear in every game that either will make you smile, laugh, or those questions you have heard a hundred different times from a hundred new players or your own team mates.

Such as: For newbies

I have never use a gun before how does this work??????

Where is the safety??Ö(as they have their finger on the trigger pointing the gun at you with no barrel condom on the gun when its on full, rock n roll)

Why is my gun not working???

I want be on his teamÖ(if you have 1 really good player all the new guys will want to play with him/her)

Donít make me shoot youÖ

DO NOT shoot the refÖ

Do I have to wear a mask??????? ( Ö.)

Where did he go?

Is this going to hurt?

Such as: For experienced player

Give me a minute I need to strip my gun

I'm hunting you down ( and they mean it)

Where's Chad????....( Oh noo!!... whack,whack,whack) ( if you have to ask that question your going to die within the next couple of min)

This reminds me of the timeÖ

Everyone remember their cup?? Öoh you didn'tÖlol sucks to be you.

Surrender or DieÖ whack,whack,whack that was a stupid question ( should know the other guys well enough by now not to ask that question..lol)

How did I miss you?? (im a ghost simple enough)

I refuse to lose, give up, or give in.

Remember control your breathing I could have shot you in the dark.

No Such Thing

There are a few thing people believe about the sport of paintball and of some players they might come up against one day, these things normal sound to good to be true, or just donít sound right.

First of all let me state this THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A STUPID QUESTION.

Now you will here of the untouchable players the elite, best of the best you can be point blank range and for some reason miss these guysÖguess what believe it or not the are humans like the rest of us and can be dropped just as fast as anyone, the only advantage they have over you is that they have beat you in your mind already, never let players beat you in your mind thatís where all battles begin. There is no such thing as these players

There is no such thing as the best gear in the world, nothing anyone owns is the perfect gear that will help them win no matter how good or bad they are.

There is no such thing as a perfect team you can practice for ever but your all still human and someone will miss up at one point or another.

Same as an unbeatable team, there is no such thing.

Ghost Outlaw
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Posted 24 January 2007 - 06:35 PM

dude! thats awesome ghost! thx this'll help me and my new team! (commander/sabre)
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Posted 24 January 2007 - 10:25 PM

I find that sometimes you have to be gruff and loud when giving orders sometimes, especially with newer players to your team. I also sometimes have to make the first move, except when I am with my core group.

And communication is the most important thing, good yelling skills ae great, but a team that has radios has a real advantage over one that does not.

It is also good to have a overall plan and not one that is too detail specific/ oriented, cause ones like this dont usually survive too long and then it all hits the fan.

Thats pretty much all I have.
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Posted 27 January 2007 - 02:52 PM

most of my tricks are classified :D

But ill share one with you that is very effective in taking out heavy fortifications

its called the scissor trap

here is a diagram of how it works

Posted Image
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Posted 03 February 2007 - 09:57 PM

This was a helpful article on playing defense, that I read in a paintball sports magazine, so I typed it up for anyone who wants to read: Enjoy.

The Art Of Woodsball Defense
Six Things to Remember When You're in Charge of "The Big D"

Playing defense isn't the most glamorous position in Woodsball, when you go the whole game without seeing a 'bad guy,' it can get pretty boring, but when you experience a massive tidal wave of bad guys rolling over you, it can get a little painful. Many pickup teams make the mistake of ignoring defense while everyone goes on the attack. Unless your playing on a very tiny field, your just begging to get back-doored when you skimp on the big "D."

When in doubt, stall. That's the name of the game when playing defense: hold the opposition off as long as possible so that your attack element has time to pierce the enemy's defenses and pull their flag. Your there to befuddle the opposition-to slow them down. Its not glamorous , but someone's got to do it and do it well.
When you organize the defense, here are six things to remember for best results:

Use as few players as possible. Don't forget that a wonderful defense cannot win the game. It can only achieve a standoff, because defenders don't grab flags (unless they switch over to being attackers). Rather, construct your defense sparingly, using as few players as possible-and send as many players on the offensive as possible. One good exception to this rule is when you set up a huge defense, wear the enemy down, then send out an attacking element. In the end, though, you're still left using as few defenders as possible.

Watch your back and side lanes. Usually your flag station will be in the back quarter of the field, and, usually, there will be ways to get around behind or beside the flag station. These routes are you're Achilles' heel. You must position your defenders to cover, or at least to watch, these paths to your backdoor. If you can set an initial ambush to counter a back- or side-door maneuver, do it.

Begin shooting as soon as you see them. Your job is to chew up time. The further out you stop the enemy advance, the longer it will take them to overrun you. Get them to bunker up as far out as possible. Then keep them pinned down. However, don't get sucked into a prolonged fire-fight. You've got to stay mobile. Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, as the man says.

Assign fall-back positions. Your first positions should extend fairly far into the field, away from your flag base, to get the attackers bunkered up as soon as possible. Then you must conduct a coordinated, fighting retreat to tighten your perimeter as opposition mounts and you lose defenders. Establish up to three positions for each player and assign a code word that will order your defenders to fall back to the next line of defense. In the end, your last position may be just a couple of guys huddled behind the flag station itself. Stay alive as long as possible and give your team's attackers every precious second.

Don't let them see you retreat, if you skirmish and then secretly fall back (and do it again and again) the attackers will slow to a crawl. They'll start seeing phantom ambushes behind every tree and log, slowing them down and using up their valuable time. Fight a little, then slither away.

Maintain leadership. If you are the person in charge of defense, you should float between positions and talk to your defenders. As the perimeter tightens, don't allow anyone to be left outside of the new perimeter. Keep track of your losses and order in anyone who might be cut off by your shrinking defense. Remember, this job is not about glory, it's about buying time. Stay alive and hold out!

-Jayson Orvis <- The person who wrote this article

Link to the origional thread HERE

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Posted 04 February 2007 - 10:43 AM

its good. not bad considering i'm the defencive commander and My friend is the Offencive commander but i am over all tactician. it helps alot for me dunno about others but this helps.

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Posted 04 February 2007 - 04:38 PM

man i love tactics!!

it was great on each and every one of u guys, good job

im happy there are peeple like u all

im overly happy today but i would still be happy after reading this


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Posted 07 February 2007 - 07:48 AM

Learning to move as a team or small squad is important.

If you've got a long way to go, columns of twos is a good way to move a team, with two advance guards at the front of the line and if you cna afford the players, two flankers also at the front.

Short distances with a handful of players can be accomplished with a basic leapforg maneuver.

Single file line with intervals, the rear player moves up past the front player, surveys and signals for the repeat in motion. Every player has their eyes open and is ready for the move.

Simple move, but it works.

Never underestimate the value of a two man squad. Send a player to accomplish something on his own, and he'll probably end up cooked. Use the two man team so that they can cover each other, and move effectively from position to position to get their job done.

Send the "sniper" home. More often than not, he'll try to go rogue, break communications and try to be the hero just to live up to the name he's given himself. take my word for it, utilize a 'sniper' and the slow movement coupled with the ammunition deficit he's saddled himself with, you'll be down a player in short order.

I've got a manuever I've used with certain success in the past. I'm sure theres a better name for it, but I call it the "collapse"

Move through the woods in an inverted "V" pattern, like an arrow head or a wedge. When you encounter the opposition, engage for a few minutes, then slowly collapse your Arrowhead pattern, leaving the guys on your flanks stationary. When completed, your arrowhead will look like a "V"

Aggressive opponents will seize the opportunity to press on the withdrawing guys at their front, and catch enfilading fire from your flankers.

Don't get complicated! Simple tricks work the best. Don't be afraid to use one of your players as a rabbit to attract attention and draw fire, but never leave his butt hanging out to dry.

Hell, we put a guy in a tree one day, popping off rounds early.

The other team heard and saw him, and their attention was focused on the lunatic in the tree. That little bit of unwariness sprung an ambush from the rest of the team.

Be creative.

Just a few observations from a long time player.
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Posted 07 February 2007 - 09:05 PM

A lot of good points. I would just say no to climbing trees, and yes to the sniper. In fact, we don't have one sniper, but a squad.

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Posted 08 February 2007 - 05:49 AM

OK if I missed it then Iam just repeating but a Very good Tip to running your team : get a head count ....and keep updateing it on the field .... if you know they started with 12 and keep tabs on it .... when they are weak you can Move to a rush on them .

I run two Squads : And I have them report over the radio if they take anyone out and same for my team if we are down .


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Posted 21 February 2011 - 08:05 PM

Just to reopen the topic any commanders have anything else to add?
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Posted 19 June 2011 - 09:37 PM

A clear chain of command is one of the most important aspects of being a commander. If your taken out you need to have a second in command, and third in command. A rank structure would work best such as assigning some as Lt's, Sgts, Corporals would work best so at all times there's somebody in charge of the team and the other guy's have somebody to look to for direction and guidance.

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Posted 09 July 2011 - 09:26 AM

man these help alot i have giving each of my officers a copy and posted this on our team website
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