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Barrel-paint Match For J&J Ceramic

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Posted 27 February 2010 - 06:02 PM

I have a question for those who use the J&J Ceramic barrels: what paint do you use? I tried using Diablo Heat today at a Scenario game, but it seemed every other paintball shredded in the barrel...

I had no issue when I switched back to the stock barrel for the X7 Phenom.
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Posted 31 March 2010 - 12:11 PM

I've got a J&J edge kit and RPS premium is the most amazing paint I've shot through it. I've even used it in the middle of December and I was getting ball on ball all day. DXS bronze is also some really good stuff.

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Posted 07 April 2010 - 10:48 AM

Blaze, midnight, most of the lower cost paint worked fine in my J@J 14 midevil is a good paint too I still have a bag of that somewhere. Try some DXS brands. that might work.
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Posted 07 April 2010 - 09:23 PM

Hey, I just did a paint test last night with my 14" J&J ceramic, and my brother used his also. We tested 12 different brands of paint and we both agreed that WPN Weapons grade shot really really good through both of our guns. We tested WPN Elixir, WPN Killabeez, WPN Toxic, WPN Weapons Grade, RPS Stinger Paintballs, Diablo Formula 13, Diablo Heat, DXS Blaze, DXS Bronze, DXS Gold, DXS Triumph and RPS Premium. The WPN Toxic was a close second, and RPS Premium would be next. Weapons grade and Toxic also had the best paint to bore match on our barrels yesterday. RPS premium was actually quite a bit smaller, it fell right through, but I think the shell quality and consistency was so good that they shot fairly consistent. The shells on the Weapons Grade and Toxic were very consistent and smooth ( no dimples and a very smooth seam). As far as the Heat went out of our barrels, I didn't have any breaks but it shot really bad. But it is also extremely small compared to the J&J Ceramic. I have two J&J ceramics and my bro has 1 and all three barrels measure .720" at the breech to .690" at the muzzle, so needless to say the bigger the paint the better I think. Hope this helps you out, good luck.

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Posted 10 April 2010 - 08:51 AM

http://forum.specialopspaintball.com/index...p;#entry2489675 <---Hopefully, some of the info here will help.
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