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Pro-Team Hyperstar Bolt For the Tippmann 98 or A5 Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 20 January 2007 - 09:03 PM

A while back I bought a bunch of stuff to trick out my Tippmann Stealthline 98 (the custom 98 that comes with a flatline barrel, CAR stock, and remote line). One of these was a new Hyper-Star bolt from Pro-Team which retails for $25.

The Hyper-Star bolt is based off of the Venturi bolt shape. There are notches on the inside of the bolt to more evenly disperse gas around the paintball so each shot is more consistent. Or at least that's what they claim.

Anyway, I took apart my Stealthline 98 (which by the way takes awhile is a pain in the you know what when springs go flying out) pulled off the stock bolt, and popped in my shiny new $25 tiny plastic tube with notches cut into it. Well...my guns going to be tons more accurate right? It's going to be supa awsome-O so I can pwn noobs right??? Well, not in a Stealthline 98 anyway...

Flatline barrel + Hyper-Star bolt = 120 FPS = 15 foot range. Yeah, I was pwning everything but what I was actually aiming at (assuming it was in my inescapable 180 inch death zone). RPS super swirls ( high quality paint ) were hooking left and right after my effective 15 foot range.

Okay...so is this bolt total trash? Well no...it does work, just not with a flatline barrel. So finally I figure out it's the bolt causing the problem, I take it out, and plug it into my Spec Ops A5-A2.

Well my A5-A2 is set up with a 12" Lapco Bigshot, I was shooting RPS Big Balls, at about 280 FPS. At about 80 feet, I was hitting my target with about a 3 inch grouping. Not bad in my opinion. Is it an improvement over my stock bolt....maybe a little. There are so many variables, its hard to single out if it was the bolt that made this particular trial so accurate. Paint, FPS, lubrication in the gun, the barrel.....who knows for sure. Long story short, I'm ultimately satisified with the bolt, and I'm going to leave it in my A5-A2.

The moral of the story is flatline barrels were designed for use with stock Tippmann internals, don't screw with them!!! The Hyper-Star probably does improve accuracy for a straight barrel, but there are a lot of other things you should do before messing with the bolt. Regulator, HPA, LPK, Red Dot Sight.....all come before getting a new bolt. The increased accuracy is probably pretty negligible assuming it exists at all.

If you've compeltely maxed out all the stuff on your gun, you have HPA, LPK, a Red Dot, Stock, Hand Guard, RIS rails up the wazoo with pretty pink tassles and a bell....then go ahead and buy the bolt. If you're not quite so obsessed though.....you're not missing out on any big secret.

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