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possible feild for spec check it out. Rate Topic: -----

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Post icon  Posted 17 April 2006 - 11:47 AM

My friend carel owns the 2nd best woodsball feild in virginia. it is located at [b][i][u]pilot rd. riner va. its a fairly good spot the front feild is nice enough the back one needs work. the bunkers have been starting to fall apart some. "they made outa wood so ya and its realy windy up there some days" but its still a great place. he lets you byop and feild fee is only 10 bucks rent 5 free mask barrow bla bla bla. he has up to 4500 psi air and co2 tanks. he has been wanting to make a helecopter in the back feild or something. and he has been considering buying more land for more feilds.

all in all its popular, nice cheap and fun experiance and i think you guys would be interested in checkign it out.

what i have in mind is maby you could get with im and madkow" john" and setup some scenario games and stuff. and if things start going well you could help him get some more feilds and stuff and start using it for sppl stuff in the future. "i personal doing speedball now because its closer and there are no events you guys do around here realy. "

i am fairly sure you would like to do some events with him at the very least. "its cheaper then fl for you all lol " but ya me him and john get it done "mostly them i got work :D "

the people are good and nice there are some speedballers "liek me " there are some that are a pain but most are cool. "like 1 pain" sam short yellow dye stuff and chubby lol just ignore him some.

check out his site at wolfsridgepaintball.com his email is there if you need johns ask me and would you also give me an email about what you have in mind some time. or atleast a pm. "i don't check out brigade much any more so it would take a while to recieve it since i have a new e-mail account. "same one just with @yahoo.com"

thanks for reading this and suffering through the spelling. i am usualy in a rush and thats the case now. plus i just cant spell worth crap. lol :P

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Posted 22 May 2006 - 06:01 AM

well this sounds like a really good idea but no 1 has posted on it, which prolly means it fell through, so could could some1 let me know how it turned out. i really want spec ops to branch out east cause there is jus no way 4 me to get to utah but virginia or somewhere over here is possible. spec ops plz look into this :D
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Posted 08 August 2006 - 06:01 PM

Is it Necroposting when this is still on the first page :D

Wolf's Ridge isn't really big enough to hold any large events.
It's incredibly(sp?) crowded when they have the American Cancer charity game, and that only sees 60-70 people.

Wolf's Ridge is a good recfield, but it's not large enough to hold an SPPL event, especially when you consider that within a few hours of it there are multiple large fields (Splat Brothers in Hopewell, Va - 4 Hours, Paintballs and More in Dalton, Ga - 6 Hours, Hogback Mountain in Leesburg, Va - 3 Hours).

I'd love to see an SPPL event near here as much as anyone. I have a team that would love to go, but they haven't been close enough yet.
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