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Upgrade PMI Piranha Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 02:27 PM

I do not know the actual model, but this looks right.

my local shop has these for like $20 used, so im wondering if like $40 can put it up to par, if not better than other low end markers that are around $70
also, id like to know what upgrades i would use. thanks

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Posted 16 April 2008 - 09:15 AM

i like piranhas. just like a spyder, with higher quality. the photo is the R6, which is the base model marker. they are available with (and will use) the eforce grip, but most likely at the price your talking it is the mech version. still a good marker.
they use spyder barrels, so availability is no problem, though in my experience the stock PMI barrels are better than stock Kingman barrels. parts are inexpensive and easy to find (normally, the exception being sears, which is something you need to look at before you buy). they accept any reg, xpansion chamber, bottomline, etc that is normally available.
these will outperform many markers in the price range your talking about, with few ups actually needed. i dont know if the feedneck comes off on the R6, but it does on other models (such as my piranha SRT).
Internally, these are tough to beat. the only up i would recommend would be a spyder spring kit, such as the maddman. i have 2 old piranha G2 models that i use as loaners, and aside from cleaning, and the occasional oring, are still stock and running well after 10+ years. my piranha SRT i got recently, in payment for installing a timing belt, and it works fine after a good cleaning, bone stock, and several years old. the feedneck, i have heard, uses impulse threads, but i cannot confirm this yet.
at the price you mentioned, pick up several, as i think it is unlikely that you would be dissappointed. just be sure to remove the grip frame screws and look at the sear before you buy, that is the only weak link on these. any more questions, just ask. dav

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Posted 20 April 2008 - 11:49 PM

I just got a PMI Piranha STS EForce 2K3 the other day. The only thing not stock is a feedneck: Function Hex-clamping.

Its a great little marker. Got it used for $60. HPA and CO2. Only upgrades it really needs is a motorized loader (got a revvy the other day as well) and a better barrel. The stock 10" barrel is good... for a stock barrel. But for some reason it was made in two pieces and fused at the middle which left a seam. I've already chopped on it a couple times, but I am getting a new barrel anyways.

I could get a reg and a new bolt... but I don't see the reason as it is just my alt. marker. I have a crazy customed 98C and I just use the fishy for speedball. Definitely a bolt before a reg though.

Only thing I will say is the springs could be replaced... my RVA is all the way in and I get about 285fps average.

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