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Posted 17 October 2007 - 05:31 PM

As a the new 400 count hopper has come out, I have decided to tell how I made my hopper and the story behind it.

It started out being a project to make my hopper lower than normal and still be able to carry the same load. While I was in wally-world I saw some frizzbee's and acouple of nurons jumpsed in to high gear said" if we fiberglass these together it might do the trick. Well it didn't work. one shot shattered

version 1
Posted Image

version 2 is rock solid er hallow?
Posted Image

well now I had my hopper great well now I carry 975 paint balls and I'm running a 20oz. tank , ok carry a spare ( thats another story, for now lets just say changeing tanks on the feild not a good idea if you need to keep moveing)

so with out futher adue the instructions.

the parts list
3 frizzbees (deep)
2 bars of all thread 1/8 inch by 10 inch should do
16 washers 1/8 inch hole
3 small "L" brackets
6 small 1/8 inch bolts
awe heck about 30 nuts the same size
2 rolls of black electirckal tape ( or green, red, pink, whatever)
1 cyclone feed WARNING IF YOU DO THIS YOU RISK YOU CYCLONE FEED DAMAGE you have been warned
1 felt tipped marker
1 small hinge
masking tape

before starting any cuting mesure please for the love of pete please mesure

1) Remove the front sight from your A5
2) Use the masking tape and tape the two frizzbees together next place the disk on top of the A5 put it so the widest part
of the disk is over the marker.
3) Use the felt tipped marker and mark where the disk meets the cyclone feed
4) Seperate the disk
5) Next using the marks you made cut out the hole
6) Take off the cyclone feed and place it over the hole and align the L brackets. (Make sure the holes that are touching
the cyclone will miss the paddles.)
and mark the cyclone holes and the disk holes
7) Drill yes drill into your cyclone and the disk and atach and set aside
8) Take last frizzbee you had 3, the other 2 are the body of the hopper. this is the lid. cut one fourth out take the hinge
and place it where you want it ( thinking back, I now wish I put it on a side so when it opens its not blocking
my sight picture, mine opens up forward) mark and drill holes
9) Take the top frizzbee and lay it on your work surface place your lid on top in the closed posistion mark the holes
of the hinge and draw the outline of the lid, take off lid drill holes for the hinge.
10) Now messure 1/2 inch in from the out line of the hinge and draw the opening
11) Cut out the opening and drill the hing holes now assemble the top half
12) Take the 2 halfs and use masking tape and align the two
warning this next step is rather fursterating so please have some dew or a coke just calm down
13) Deside where you want to place the all thread. I picked 2oclock 4oclock 7oclock and 10 oclock to put the holes.
14) Place the top half inside the bottom half and drill, take out
15) Put a nut and washer on the of the all thread put through a hole place a washer and onthe inside of a hopper half and tighten. and again with the other
piece of all thread note this will be your last chance to do so.
16) Feed them into the other side add nuts and washers cut off the exess and do it again
17) Once you've tightened it down wrap it with the electical tape use both rolls well the libarry is closeing so hate to double post but i may not have to

ok back

18) Atach. the velcro strips to the lid and hopper so that the lid will stay shut and you are done have fun

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Posted 17 October 2007 - 06:02 PM

Holy Crap, I havent seen that Hopper since I left the Opsgear Forum and that was a couple of years ago...its good to see youre still around man.

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Posted 21 October 2007 - 01:40 PM

Wow, Thats big! But it doesn't look too bad.. Nice job.

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