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Posted 29 January 2012 - 01:45 PM

Make sure any sight you buy with magnification has at least 3" of eye relief, and that you have the necessary raised sight rail or whatever you need to ensure you can comfortably and quickly bring your marker to bare and utilize your sight.

Sighting in your optic for First Strikes or regular paint?

For regular paint:
First, set your velocity at the maimum your field allows with your chosen brand of paintball and barrel combo. I would suggest starting around 30 feet, or your minimum engagement range. You should be using a red dot or even better an Occluded Eye Gunsight. If you are using anything with magnification, 2X is the most you will need. Set a mask on a post, tree, etc. Once you can put 10 balls on the mask, move back 10 feet and repeat. Remember that adjustable rails like the Killjoy are best used for First Strikes, because when you are using regular paint you are never out of range of opposing players who likely have you outgunned. You want the sight to be as low on the marker as possible, but high enough to use it comfortably and quickly with your mask on (dogleg and R.O.C. stocks are great for this). The quickly part comes in as this is paintball, a naturally fast paced sport where you will be forced to snapshoot and occasionally be caught off guard. Make sure you fire 10 rounds before making any adjustments, and once you get to the range where you are having trouble putting 10 balls on a mask, you have found your maximum engagement range. Remember that you are at a disadvantage playing a sniper/marksman role with regular paint, as you are ballistically even with your OPFOR who likely have more firepower than you.

For First Strikes:
First, set your velocity using the First Strikes at the maximum your field allows. The maximum magnifcation I would suggest would be 4X, with 2.5X and 3X being your best bet. I would suggest an adjustable sight rail like the Killjoy, for several reasons. First, they are tall enough to bring your chosen sight up high enough that you shouldn't have issues using the sight with your mask on. Second, they are great in the instance when you do have time to dial in a long range shot, and make the most of the advantages First Strikes offer in range and accuracy. I would start at 50 feet, and using regular paint to get your sight laterally dialed in will save you some valuable First Strikes. Pushing back 25 feet at a time, I would switch to First Strikes at 75 feet and get used to shooting them through your sight out to 75-100 feet without adjusting the rail. Put 5 First Strikes on the mask before pushing back. This will make emergency shots familar if you get engaged suddenly within regular paint range. Continue pushing back 25 feet at a time, marking down in a DOPE book how many ticks you see on the back of the adjustable rail for given distances. Practice sizing the mask at different ranges through your sight reticle to get a feel for quickly estimating range in-game. Once you see your group starting to spread out (usually after 200 feet), you can choose whether to continue pushing back to repeat the process or not. When you start close and push back, you save time and paint over starting at maximum ranges and dialing in back and forth.

-Quoted from my website-

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