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Posted 27 November 2010 - 02:48 PM


Danger Zone is located in Pensacola, Florida. It is about 6 miles from where I am stationed at the moment (Corry Station). As a little background, I am in the Navy as most may know, so most of my gear is back home. For the first time, I had to rent a marker. Thankfully I had a mask and a couple other small items. This is owned by MWR (Military Welfare & Recreation) and as such is technically a military base, so be sure not to use your cell while driving etc.

Danger Zone has a good amount of bunkers around the "front" of the field, but only a few in the "back." This makes it a very challenging field to play. To be honest it really makes me miss New England where a tree was large enough to use as a bunker. There are only a few here that work like that. The bunkers in the front are arranged in no particular way, but still makes for a fun day of play. Once you learn the field a bit, it becomes more fun. The rear has a couple "forts" which are a couple small (around 15' by 10') plywood bunkers.

Gameplay and the people are the best parts. Many of the fields I have played had the crowd who felt the world would end even if they lost, even on rec days (that may be a small exaggeration). There was a small amount of people today, around 20 tops. The caliber of the people were excellent though. I played with fellow Navy, Marine, Air Force and civilians. Everyone had great sportsmanship, played honorably and had a great time. The field has a very laid back feel to it.

Now for the bad: The whole "laid back feel" transfers right into safety. Safety was almost non-existent. I say almost, because the players were adamant on policing each other. A player who tilted his mask back to see better was immediately told to pull it back down by a teammate. Another who was walking back to the staging area was told by another to put a barrel condom on and did so without complaint. The good thing is barrel condoms were abundant. If someone didn't have one, they were promptly given one without a second thought.

In all honestly, this is one of the few places I can see the above (safety portion) working. No one had problems when told to correct an issue, and did so without arguing.

Rental equipment was not too bad. As said, this is the first time I had rented in my life, so bear with me. There was 70+ Tippmann 98C's; some older, and some the newest versions. They were kept in relatively good order and when I had a problem I was issued a new marker without complaint. The masks didn't seem half bad, though I used my own (wouldn't play without it).

Admission: $15
Paint: $50 Per case (Premium), $15 for 500, and prices in between.
Compressed air fills: free with admission*
Co2: Unsure as I used CA with the rentals all day, most likely well priced

The field has a very laid back/old school feel to it. This is not only its downfall (safety), but it is also the best part. The caliber of customers could not be better. I haven't played since September and I could not have asked for a better time today. No overgrown ego's, just relaxed people and players having a good time.

*Compressed air tanks can only be filled to 2000 PSI as they are filled out of large tanks, not a compressor

Note: I also found another review on www.pbreview.com that sums this field up very well. If you would like to search type in "32508" as a zip code in the field finder.

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