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Eastern Brigade Free Agents List anyone looking for a team. Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 31 March 2010 - 07:44 PM

View Postallstar15, on Aug 18 2007, 12:08 PM, said:

Name: Ryan Clardy
Age: 20
Expirience: 2 years
Location: Huntsville, AL

Role: sabre first and foremost, but can also do commander and shadow sniper

Type of team: woodsball/scenario

Is this your first paintball team: I'm commander of a 4-man squad..but due to school and work we have pretty much disbanded

What you are expecting in a team: I'm looking to be a saber (saber/commander or shadow sniper if needed) of a woodsball/scenario team. I'm 5'11 and very athletic. I played soccer and basketball in HS and I'm still playing soccer now. I love woodsball and I'm just looking to play as often as possible. I'm very easy going and fun, but I am also very competitive and I hate to lose. I have a naturally strategic mind, I can both give and take orders, and I'm looking for a team that is serious about being a real team (using good communication and chain of command to achieve strategically sound victories). I can't travel too far very often, but I can travel to Bear Claw (Fayetteville) and other fields that aren't too far away.

Please contact me if at all interested. I'm ready to play ASAP.

Hi we are a scenario team based in Summertown TN. check out the team website and let us know. the website is www.blackfractionpaintball.co. we do have ranks and promotions the hole nine yard. There is a tab in the forum if youare interested just need your full name and email and phone number.
Major General
Black Faction

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Posted 15 April 2010 - 06:39 AM

Name: Mark Rogers
Age: 16
Experience: Several On and off Years ['05-'08], however, Recent Year was more active, and hopefully this year will be even more active.
Location (city,state): Bridgeport, West Virginia
Role (sniper, medium rifleman, ect.): Heavy Rifle Man, Sometimes Commander (Small Team/Squad Leader Is a Commanding Specialty For Me)
Type of team (scenario/speedball): Scenario/Woodsball
What you are expecting a team (what type of commitment and such): I expect a decently oiled machine, working together, able to support their own, and if the event calls for it, others as well.
Personally, I'm a Player-For-Life, and well committed to the game, and I'd like a team that is the same way.

Marksman of Team FEAR


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Posted 22 May 2010 - 01:17 AM

Name: Paul A. Clamp, aka "PACman"
Age: 18, will be 19 in a week
Expirience: years of summer play, including a few local senario games
Location (city,state): Fairfax, VA
Role (sniper, medium rifleman, ect.): Medium rifleman
Type of team (scenario/speedball): looking for a scenario/woodsball team
What you are expecting a team (what type of commitment and such): I'd really like a nearby team that has practice fairly regularly, just to give me something to do over the summer.
Sabre #529

Sabre: "If we can't do it, it doesn't need to be done!"

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Posted 07 October 2010 - 07:06 PM

Tier 1 Operators are looking for scenario/woodsball/hybrid players to fill 5 open roster spots. Also have 2-5 alternate spots as well that need to be filled.

Looking for players in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

please email abingdonpaintball@gmail.com
Abingdon Paintball Network
OA Battle of the Bulge Allied MVP 2009
Outdoor Adventures General and XO
Paintball Training Institute Master Airsmith

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Posted 30 December 2010 - 12:41 AM

-Zack Adams
-Parkersburg, WV
-I've been playing since I was 12, and I have played competitively. I am experienced in speedball, woodsball, and tons of scenarios.
-I play primarily sniper for my teams, but I can switch up roles and play wherever is necessary.
-I'm looking for a team that's very serious and looking to go very far. However, I'm a fun dude so that never hurts either.
"God will judge my enemies, and I'll arrange the meetings."


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