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Posted 25 June 2008 - 08:28 PM

Spyder MR3

I was never a Spyder fan. I have friends that don't have any luck with these guns, from the VS series to the MR1 there is always a problem and they end up getting rid of them. In my case it was different. The Spyder MR3 is the perfect marker for me in every way.

Fairly Quiet
Great looking

The infinite ways I'm able to make this marker my own are incredible. I love the idea of customizing my markers and this gun looks and performs great with many mods, from barrels to grips to stocks it's all about the player.
I've used this gun quite a bit and have never had a problem, I can't even remember the last chop, and that could be due to the eyes, which work surprisingly well. The accuracy is great and the weight isn't bad, unless you struggle to carry in the groceries you won't have a problem running, diving, and shooting with this marker. I love the look and the style of the gun, when people see it they know whats up (chyea boi). I personally want to make mine an assault rifle of some sort, I have the car stock and extended barrel, just deciding on the rest. I am now able to hit things I could've never thought about, from faces in windows to legs in doorways, this gun is great at 60+ feet, shot on shot. I really do rely on my marker in scenario games and I trust my MR3 completely. I also put a lot of emphasis on durability with my markers and this gun can take a beating and does not scratch easily, which I'm grateful for in those numerous intense situations.

Plastic feedneck
'Gap' in grips (dirt, paint, etc. could get in, hasn't for me yet)
Shroud doesn't allow all barrels
Original stock is loose, not sturdy
.45 grips non-compatible

There isn't much about this gun that I don't like. The main downfall is the plastic feedneck and the Trinity one I want to order isn't in stock on ActionVillage. So that is my only valid complaint on this marker. Other than that, this baby works like a charm and if you are an experienced woodsballer you will truly appreciate the dependability this marker offers along with the many options you'll gain for customization and accessibility.

The MR3 is a great gun, plain and simple. There are many Spyder haters such as myself a year ago, that no matter what will never consider this gun, those are the ones missing out and paying more for their equipment just to say they have it. This marker deserves better and all scenario woodsballers should at least recognize it for what it is and not associate the Spyder name with the value of the product and its performace, because its exceptional in so many ways. I will update this once my MR3 has been upgraded with everything I want and I will post pictures soon hopefully. Check out the gun and check back on this post within the next week or so.

Any questions regarding the review or the MR3 itself, please feel free :D

Posted Image
Not even close to done, but to give you all an idea. Sorry the hopper and new feedneck aren't pictured. Soon enough.

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Posted 23 July 2008 - 07:47 PM

one of my friends has a spyder mr3 and hes loves it, and so do i, lol :P
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