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paintball marker and general safety tips

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Posted 16 January 2007 - 04:19 AM

i did this for an aussie forum, edited the things that arent relevant to a US audience, if ive missed things to refer to laws down here sorry, but i hope it helps someone

Paintball Marker and General Safety by Richard Maconochie

General Rules at the field

Must abide by the general rules of the field you are playing at. Nearly all fields will have clearly signed “Goggle On” areas in which you must safely secure your mask before entering into that area. This is for your safety and will save you any embarrassment of being yelled at by the field referees.

Check the fields velocity cap, legally all fields must have any marker on the field under 300 FPS, however some fields might set their velocities lower, it is the field operators agenda to do so and you must follow these rules.

No alcohol or drugs should be consumed before or whilst using your paintball marker, this is not only a field rule but a state law.

At different fields, different rules will apply, they will be clearly posted for all to read, make sure you do so.


Must be secure to your face correctly at all times on the field, if your mask comes with a chin strap use you, it helps secure the mask to your face. At no point can you or will you take your mask off your face on a live field it only takes someone’s finger to slip and you have lost your eye. If by accident your mask does come off put your arm across your face and eye into the bend in your arm of your elbow and yell for help from fellow players.

Goggle lenses must be checked regularly for starring from direct hits, cracks and other damage, if found they should be replaced immediately.

Replace any old straps that have lost their elasticity as your mask will not be as secure to your face.

Do not modify your mask in any way as this increases the chances of being injured and
fields, tournament and scenario organizers will not let you onto the field.

Barrel Blocking Devices.

All barrel blocking devices such as barrel plugs and barrel condoms must be secured properly to any marker that has a gas bottle attached to it, it does not matter whether the marker be turned on or off, or the ASA turned off.

Barrel Condoms
Should be used if you are using an electro pneumatic marker with sensitive triggers.
Do not secure your barrel condom to regulators, cocking levels or bolt pins as they are likely to slip off. Secure the barrel condom over the body of the marker, around the grip, around the feed neck or a front fore grip where possible.

Inspect your barrel condom regularly, even if you don’t have a neglect discharge and shoot a round into it. Check the seams of the condom and the material itself. As paint and the blunt force from dry firing will over time degrade the quality of your barrel condom. Always have a couple spare, especially if you own more than one marker.

Barrel Plugs

You should not being using a barrel plug on an electro pneumatic marker, only a mechanical if the field you are playing at allows them as some fields prohibit them. With barrel plugs it is important the o rings on the plug as these are what secure the plug to the barrel.

When securing a barrel plug make sure the plug is inserted into the marker all the way in, as a poorly secured barrel plug will endanger your safety and everyone else around you.

CO2 and High Pressure Air Bottles



When attaching your paintball marker make sure the thread of the bottle meets the thread of the ASA correctly, cross threading a bottle can result in a bottle blowing off the marker if the thread is worn away. I have seen this happen and it has happened to me with field rental markers and CO 2 bottles

When attaching the bottle ensure that the bottle is screwed all the way onto the marker, if you are having difficulties, double check the thread is not cross threading. If still having trouble.

At no point should you have the bottle pointing upward toward your head or at anybody whilst attaching the bottle…think safety first.

When taking off the bottle, turn the bottle 2 or possibly 2 and bit turns, this will release the valve pin of the bottle from the ASA, and then shoot down the remainder of the gas in the marker, this will release the pressure in the marker and should make taking the bottle off easier.

If your marker is equipped with a ON/OFF ASA make sure the pin is released ( some just have a quarter turn mechanism, either way make sure its in the off position) and screw the bottle in, then screw down the pin, this will put air pressure into the marker. When taking off, unscrew the pin, or valve, shoot the marker a few times, which releases the pressure and the bottle should unscrew with ease.

General Use of your paintball marker

With any firearm the user should not have their finger on the trigger unless they intend to fire the marker at a target. Players should get in the habit of handling their marker safely, get in the habit of safety on and finger along side of the trigger guard.

When out on the field and you are getting ready for the game to start, have your finger off the trigger and your marker pointed down at the ground away from your team mates, you wont make many friends shooting them at close range.

If the marker is an electro pneumatic, turn the marker off, this not only saves the battery life but will prevent any mishaps.
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Posted 16 January 2007 - 06:18 AM

Nicely done, looks like you covered all the basics.
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Posted 22 March 2007 - 07:51 AM

nice post. I'll put this in my playbook.

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Posted 22 March 2007 - 05:57 PM

on the part about masks falling off, a good thing i learned people do is cover there eyes and fall down to the ground face down as they shout for help or goggles and people will tackle you and pretty much dog pile on ya till everyone figures out whats goin on. though gotta discuss that before the game starts so people know what it means when someone yells the safeword GOGGLES

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