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CAlling UK ballers - Takur Gahr Bournemouth February 2009 UK scenario game Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 03 October 2008 - 09:37 AM

Calling all UK players - Task Force Delta are to be granted the Bournemouth Camouflage site for the day on 22nd February and are hosting the game 'Takur Gahr'.


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Firstly, how much?

£25 gets you in. This includes the hiring of any site kit. So any noobs don't have to pay extra for mask, marker etc. Also a standard walk-on lunch is included (BBQ style). The vegetarian option will be available but the site require notification of requirements.


BYO or paint will be available in various flavours at £25 a box for Nightmare or Frostbite type paint. If you want Proto or other more expensive tourny paint then i think that will be around £27. Let me know what the preference on paint names are and i'll ask Gordon to order it. If you want to bulk buy for your team then let me know and we will sort a discount that way.


Smoke and bangs will be available for sale at usual prices. I'll find out exactly how much later.


Because of the size of the site wei have pushed for a 300fps absolute max. This is to allow for a couple of special character types (sniper teams) so that thay can hit at range. When chronoing, no shot is to go over 300fps. Chronoing will take place every time you head back to the safe zone to get air / paint etc (3 shots over the chrono). Close range shots are off limits and anyone within 20ft and firing a single shot will be penalised. No double tapping within 30ft. Sensible play is priority and my marshalls will be strict in upholding the rule.

Ramping / Auto / Response?

Usual 15.4bps. No full auto. Ramping to 15.4 and response used sensibly.


3000psi all day and its free. The marshalls / site staff will fill bottles for you. Tried to propose a self fill policy but he has to be strict somewhere. No dramas though. As the games are 3hrs long, supplies will be available for rolling resupply.

The game itself!

The day will consit of 2 x 3hr games, and if we have time, a paint waster on the sup-air field at the end. The game plan will be added later, but in a nutshell its a game of 'control the hill - control the game'. With additional taskings and patrols being incorporated. The site is pretty big so the taskings allow for sneaky stuff along with sniping, ambushes, patroling and good old fashioned shoot em up paint fests.


Not confirmed yet, but there will be no on-site camping. We do have a field beside the site that we are applying for as we speak.

Failing that public camping information is available here - http://www.campingandcampsites.co.uk/camps...hire&page=1

Car parking

There is decent parking there, and some overflow space on the side of the road into the site.


Ticket hotline = 0800 3284112. Paint requests can be put through the thread on UKScenario.com and then paid for on the day. If you order it then you pay for it, so no changes of mind please.

Site description
This is a unique site in that the land structure bodes well / or perfectly to this type of game. We have the whole site to ourselves for the day so punter bashing won't be a problem. There are 'character' vacancies for the day, volunteers please let themselves be known on UKScenario

The site is 1 mile from Bournemouth airport.
Based at Hurn, Christchurch, only 5 minutes from Bournemouth town centre on the A338.

Site Address
Christchurch Road
Hurn, Christchurch
BH23 6AE
(We are located off Hurn Court Lane)

Travelling south on the A338, turn left onto the B3073 heading towards Hurn. At the T-junction turn right, over the fly over, and through the traffic lights. The next left is Hurn Court Lane, take this turning, Camouflage is located on the left. If you get to the roundabout you have gone too far.

If you get lost on a game day, please call us on 01730 828292 or 0800 328 4112 and we will give you directions to the site.

The land layout is: Left hand side of the safe zone is a path leading to a large fort location (single story) surrounded by greenery. This overlooks a deep valley that leads down (looking right) to a village location about 300m away. This is at 2'oclock looking from the safe zone down the valley. From the fort looking south (or 12 o'clock) the valley is overlooked by a large hill (Takur Gahr) that has defensive positions built on top of it and is surrounded by trees and bushes. The hill also overlooks the village to the right with routes down to both the valley and the village. To the left of the hill is another defensive position looking over the valley to the far south of Takur Gahr. This has a steep bank and has defences all down it. TF delta have only managed to take this position once. Far left again is another valley complex that comes around the far left hand side of the site. Again there are defensive positions built around there. Looking right from the safe zone is a large wooded area with paths and tracks that lead all over the site. Ideal for patroling and sneaking about.
To get a feel for the site i would have to describe it all day. The main features here are the hill and the defensive positions around it. It would be safe to say that you wont have seen much like it before.

Game information pack can be downloaded from the UKScenario forum topic linked below, or a PDF copy from the hosting site linked at the bottom of this post.

For more information see the thread at UKScenario.com, or contact "Tom" / "Andy Clarkson" on Walkonzone.com, or "bt-4 spec ops" / "Master chef" / "Tom" on UKScenario.com.


Facebook event page



Game guide PDF version uploaded here - http://rapidshare.co...Takur_Gahra.pdf
Sorry to use such a hosting site as the PDF is majorly larger than the original document, please just click for a free downloand and you only have to wait about a minute.

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