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A Good Braodsword Vest Review Pros And Cons

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Posted 07 August 2006 - 07:58 PM

I Posted this in tech and bugs and realized there was a Review page so this is a copy of that post.

I bought this 150 dollar vest... while the prices were jumping around on it like crazy... lol (site bug?) and i have to say a few things. Even tho i have only played with this vest once...

PRO: biggrin.gif
Im a huge dude 6'4 about 375 lbs and the vest could zipper on me and tighten down nicely how i wanted it to. and thats the largest size they have, the XL .....however the main support strap did not get around me so easy it needs to be longer. thats the large inside velcro strap for wieght support.. too short when the vest fits guys like me. no biggie tho even if it doesnt fit, the side straps get you the tightness youll need for the support for the most part. Ill be modifying the main strap tho so i can get as much wieght as i can off my shoulders.

CON: unsure.gif
the site advertises the broadsword as a 6 plus 5 140 pod holder. IT IS NOT.. it holds six pods across the back and in between the last pods on each end are 1 extra. its a 6 plus 2 some what disapointed but its no big deal because you have to realize if you max tha paint carry'n capability of this vest you are carry'n more then half a case of paint. plus your hopper. THATS NUTS EVEN FOR A SENARIO!.

PRO: smile.gif
shot in the chest with vest on and few pockets off.. and no pods that was my biggest worry.. but then again its probably becuase i am fat that the balls bounced not becuase of the vest. i was worried about how hard they are vs a paintball. Im impressed.

CON: mad.gif
The F'n zipper had a tooth snap in. i dunno if its cuz the teeth are weak or the zipper is malfunctioning but it only happend once and i didnt have too much trouble fixing it. Better not happen again or its coming back the the manufacturers... 150 bucks is way too much for poor quality.

PRO: tongue.gif
Love the straps the adjustabilty the design the pockets the velcro the sholder extentions the camel pack slot the gun straps the PANT LOOPS! even tho i didnt, dont, and wont use them. pockets are nice for map and season passes and stuff.. nifty stuff.

CON: dry.gif
ALL the pockets need to be removeable.. including the top right one!! which it is NOT!! thats annoying when right handed and leaning a bunker last thing i need is a hard surface for a paintball to break on. but it hasnt happend yet and im not too worried i dont stick out that far.

PRO: biggrin.gif
Very Nice Vest. Despite the troubles with the vest i have had so far, I'm pleased with it. but if i continue to have zipper problems or anything of the nature that suggests the vest is of cheap quality i will be upset and sending it back... I rate this vest a 8/10 well worth the money spent on it so far. i will report more if i feel the need to. ask me questions if you want. and excuse my grammar.

CON: wacko.gif
This thing costs 150 Bucks!!! ouch!


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Posted 07 August 2006 - 08:47 PM

Good review, i love my BS vest and would want nothing else.
The best feature though is deffinately the changeable bottom pockets, as now i carry 4 grenades instead of 2 on the vest!

Great Product!
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