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Vlocity JR w/ gangster chip my experience with the loader Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 30 October 2007 - 08:39 AM

when i got a mini five months ago, i started to notice that the gun wasn't firing as fast as my fingers were moving. my egg hopper just wasn't keeping up with the rate of fire that my mini was able to maintaine. so i started looking around for a new hopper. the pulse, Vlocity, and halo hoppers were all too expensive for my taste and then i found a deal where i got a Vlocity JR and a gangster chip for $97. not bad right?

i've been using this hopper for roughly 4 months now. i know for a fact that it feeds faster than an egg. i'll give you some positives and negatives that i've experienced with this loader:

The Good

Fast Feed: this loader keeps up easily with my MINI which i have capped at about 18 bps right now. and also this weekend i put it on my FEP Quest marker that i just got which is capped at 23 bps and the Vlocity JR was feeding that gun just fine as well. i wouldn't know how well it can feed paint into an ego or dm7 because i've never had a chance to test them. i also own a halo and i'd say the Vlocity hopper works just as well on both of my fast guns as the halo.

Looks: i don't know if this should be on the good aspects but i like the way it looks on my guns so i'll put this in here.

Battery Life: i still have the same two nine volts in it from when i first bought it so i'm pretty sure that makes it a power efficient loader.

Options: there are two chips that i know of that you can put on this loader. i have the gangster chip on mine and there is a select force chip that lets you program how fast you want the loader to feed. I have no idea how the original chip works because i installed the gangster chip right when it got in.

The Bad

Ball Jams: there have been two instances where this loader has jammed on me. the paddles on this loader are very large and they are hard plastic. this means that if you use poor quality paint or a large bore paint there is a chance that a ball can get wedged in between the paddle and the feed separator. unlike the halo, there is no anti jam bearing ring on this loader. also, if you over-fill the loader with paint it makes it more likely to get jammed. i try to make sure there's a little bit of space inside the loader when i'm putting paint in before a game.

Functions: there arent a lot of ROF Functions, actually none to speak of with the stock chip and gangster chip. this is different from the halo, pulse and regular Vlocity because they all have programmable rates of fire and force applied to the paint. but, i'm not the kind of player that needs or wants a hopper that has to be programmed to the setting i want. i'll stick with just programming my gun, that's enough personalized options for me. i haven't had to mess with my halo ROF yet either even though it has the option. that kind of stuff is wasted on me.

The Ugly

None to speak of. this loader doesn't have any consistent flaws in it that greatly affect its performance.

overall I have become very comfortable with this loader and continue to enjoy its performance on the field. i hope this helps anyone looking at fast loader options

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Posted 09 November 2007 - 01:40 AM

i actually loved the vlocity junior hopper very much, it performed flawlessly with my old ion, even when i was pressing past 17 bps, it stayed with me every inch of the way, i'm kinda missing it, i gave it to dex raven along with my old ion, plus a crap load of accessories to go with it for his birthday, i should have kept the ultralite barrel...

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Posted 21 November 2007 - 10:37 PM

Good review

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