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J&J Edge Elite kit For the Phantom. Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 10 December 2006 - 04:45 PM

One word? Beautiful. This kit looks great, is light, accurate, and durable. The edge kit doesn't scratch easily either, which was one of my fears. It comes with 3 fronts (10, 12, and 14'') and 5 backs (.682, .685, .688. 691, .693.) I ran both Marballizers and Evil through it. They both performed amazingly. With the edge kit and some premium paint, you shoot darts. With no detent kit there was only one roll-out, which has nothing to do with the barrels themselves; damn you old paint! (The paint I was shooting was a couple months old, so I didn't really expect it to do very well; it suprised me though.) The "self-cleaning" was adequate at best. It didn't bring things up to par with a clean barrel, but it does become workable if you shoot a few after breaking one. (Honestly the only reason it broke was because I chopped it with the bolt...one day I'll be less stupid?) You shouldn't really break one in a phantom unless you're just shooting terrible paint, or you load 3 balls at once (WHICH YOU CAN DO?!)

The conditions today were:

Slight wind - 0-10mph

Sunny / Clear

70 Degrees

The gun is :

A completely stock phantom marker.

J&J Edge Kit

Around 260-270 FPS

Here it is in numbers...

Accuracy : 9/10. You can always get better, though I don't see how you can get much better. The balls (with no wind) flew straight approx. 150 ft. They were straight enough to hit a tree a few feet wide at the base from across the river. This is without a sight or stock though, so I'm sure that would improve the stability and consistency of the shots.

Weight : 10/10. I've never held a lighter barrel than this. Phantoms, being god's gift to light kits, have a heavier barrel inch for inch than the edge kit. A 10'' Phantom barrel feels like a rock compared to a 10'' JJ Edge.

Noise : 9/10. I didn't think a phantom could get any more quiet. I was wrong. This barrel significantly reduces the report of the phantom. The only way I could see to improve is to pay Uncle Sam a couple hundred bucks a few years off of your life and get a silencer permit.

Price : 3/10. I just say 3/10 because it's readily possible to get a full J&J edge kit brand new for $70-$80, as long as it's not for a phantom. I suppose due to it's special construction and the fact that not many buy phantom edge kits, they aren't offered for a low price anywhere.

Looks : 10/10. This kit looks stunning with a phantom. Also, you can get colored tips to put on (when you order this is an option) to further increase the good looks. It comes in Red, Blue, Green, and Black. *A Notice* J&J doesn't tell you this, but it's pretty obvious once you think about it - The J&J kit for the phantom is different from the regular J&J kit. And the barrels and backs don't all fit into the bag (unless you put one of the barrels together (which irks me for some reason...) The phantom backs are longer and the tips are shorter than the other threaded kits, due to the pump of the phantom. It looks completely beautiful though.

Hope this helps, for $150 (less if you can find someone...) this is a great choice for a barrel kit.

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