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What to Do? Testing your strategy Rate Topic: *---- 1 Votes

Poll: What to do? (104 member(s) have cast votes)

You and your 2 buds are pinned down behind a rock in the open by a broadsword on a hill. The field streches the width of the area, so flanking is not an option.

  1. Run in a serpintine blaze of glory up the hill. (5 votes [4.81%])

    Percentage of vote: 4.81%

  2. Have 2 ppl give fire as one advances. Repeat until all are up front. (77 votes [74.04%])

    Percentage of vote: 74.04%

  3. Other(post) (17 votes [16.35%])

    Percentage of vote: 16.35%

  4. Wait for reinforcements. (5 votes [4.81%])

    Percentage of vote: 4.81%

This guy pumped with adrenaline is using a mortar over his shoulder as a buckshot launcher. If you even stick a hand out, he will fire. 5 friends are supporting you. One is a sniper.

  1. send the sniper out with cover fire. (56 votes [53.85%])

    Percentage of vote: 53.85%

  2. retreat (10 votes [9.62%])

    Percentage of vote: 9.62%

  3. wait for reinforcments (2 votes [1.92%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.92%

  4. other(post) (36 votes [34.62%])

    Percentage of vote: 34.62%

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#1 User is offline   tankbuster 

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Post icon  Posted 28 July 2008 - 08:53 AM

Answer the polls.

I cant think of any other poll questions to post so i only put 2.
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#2 User is offline   raptorbite 

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Posted 28 July 2008 - 09:17 AM

on the first one i would do a couple of things
1)It's only one guy,one guy means he can only shoot one direction at once,and with three guys he'd be uber easy to suppress.So you could just have one person go left,one person go right and one person stay and just lay down the fire on him.He'll either stay down or get plastered from all 3.If he stays down have the 2 side players go up until they have an angle on him.
2)wait for a reload,then do 1
3)snap shoot at him until hes down,then have your buddies cover fire to keep him down then lowcrawl straight at him.His hieght and cover will block him from seeing the crawl,then bunker him.
4) course if the broadswoard doesnt have cover you can probably just snapshoot him out easy.
second ones easy
If hes trained on you but you have 5 other friends,your friends should easily blast him.If not for some reason I would just tell my teammates to attack him when he reloads,then snap out and attempt to shoot him.If he hits me,oh well now he has to reload and hes defenseless agianst my 5 teammates attacking him.Then I'd report him to a reff becuase most of the time using a mortar as a shotgun is agianst the rules.Then the reff would probably be like "ok ill pull him your back in the game".
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#3 User is offline   Flippy the Wonder Bunny 

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Posted 28 July 2008 - 03:46 PM

1) leapfrog and get close to him.

2) Try to snapshoot if you have a shot on him. If not stage a fighting retreat and flank.

#4 User is offline   LoveMyMagMoreThanYou 

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Posted 30 July 2008 - 05:20 PM

Have 3 guys suppress the mortar. Send the sniper on one flank and the remaining guy to the other. You should be able to get him.

#5 User is offline   LoopyDood 

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Posted 30 July 2008 - 10:24 PM

The mortar one's easy. They take a LONG time to reload and you can easily draw his fire and move when he reloads. He's probably one of the easiest opponents to bunker on the field.

#6 User is offline   FlamingoChavez 

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Posted 01 August 2008 - 09:26 AM

1) DON'T GET 3 GUYS PINNED BY ONE FRIGGIN GUY! Snapshoot at him until you can get him to lay off of his barrage of terror, then lay down your own. Suppress, then move into a skirmish line and go straight at him.

2)^^^what he said.

#7 User is offline   Puzuma 

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Posted 01 August 2008 - 09:36 AM

1> Send 2 guys to flank in opposite directions. He can only target one at a time and he'll have a second of indecision on which to shoot at. After a 3 count from the flankers breaking cover pop over the rock and all 3 of you shoot at the broadsword.

2>Mortars are a slow load item. You may need to sacrifice one teammate as a decoy to draw fire. 4 vs 1? 2 flank teams to get an angle on the mortar from opposite sides. Even if the mortar gets reloaded he can only shoot in one direction at a time...
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#8 User is offline   Eskimo 

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Posted 05 August 2008 - 07:31 AM

1 > wait for renenforments. once you have about 10 guys behind the rock you can all run in random directions and shot at the broadsword.
( you and your buddie just stay beind cover.)

2> run away!
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#9 User is offline   Knightwolf16 

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Posted 08 August 2008 - 06:34 PM

1. Leap Frog

2. A mortar shooting shotgun style range is going to have ZERO range. Get him to fire once and he's yours.............
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Posted 13 August 2008 - 04:43 PM

1: break apart and run in 3 different directions all firing on the broadsword...he will freeze up and try to spread his shots out or if he is good take out one of you before the other two take him out...

2: pop your head out and get him to fire at you [he has a launcher so he takes a while to reload...] then you can easily pop out and take him out...
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Posted 13 August 2008 - 06:11 PM

1. unless theres more than one person he can't supress more than one bunker at a time, so all of you start taking snap shots at him one after the other in a rapid succession ,this guy can't hit all of you so one of you are eventually gunna hit him.

2 have the guy at the farthest left (or right) pop out and try to land a shot on the mortar guy. either he hits the mortar guy and he's out or he gets owned by the grapeshot trying and the other teammates at the opposite side pop out and take the mortar dude out while he's reloading.
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Posted 01 September 2008 - 09:48 PM

senerio #1
the guy is just one guy, suppress and rush him, PS why where you out in the middle of a field in the first place?
Senerio 2 so he is trigger happy huh, stick the stick up have him fire and suppress and move
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#13 User is offline   lethalpanther 

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Posted 02 September 2008 - 07:43 PM

1-just surpress and rush him
2-send the sniper out and then everybody rush him
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Posted 02 September 2008 - 10:10 PM

WTH are you playing an outlaw game?

1. Don't ever pop your head out. Think of it this way, it will help u in every situation. Poping your head over your object will get you shot before you get your gun over... think of it this way... your eyes arent placed on the top of your head. So once your forehead starts sticking out he already sees you before you can spot him. I have done many games where I was overwhelmed by many players and faster guns, where when they charged me I simply charged them, and they would retreat. But this is only a last resort.

Know the location of your target, shoot blanks into random are where nobody is located where he can't see... he already knows where u are so your position is already blown anyways... This way you can tell his reaction time, and if hes blind fireing... Now for the next part. snap shoot him from 2 locations. DO NOT shoot from where he fired at. and if avaliable, throw a grenade or two.

2. If hes shooting at you guys, call a ref homie... Mortors and launchers in legal paintball games arent meant to shoot directly at players... they are only aloud to hit vehicles, walls, or the ground... not a player. So even if you guys are all behind a rock, if he shoots that rock, all you behind it would normaly be out in most field rules... (useing rules I'm used to)

Running out to make him use his single shot could be suacide, as anyone in a 15 ft radius would be considered out... if you have a fast guy who can dive well... use your other guys to quickly snap shoot to distract him for a small second, at this moment use ur fast guy to run out a few feet and make almost a complete circle back behind the rock (if no other cover is around), the launcher guy will be confused by the burst fire and this random guy running out... there for, his aim might be off by a lot, due to panic kicking in. once that round has been fired, he has to take cover and reload, (if hes smart). It takes a while for the person to reload, unless his is simi auto. (yes we have simi auto launchers). quickly use a guy or 2 to burst our fireing in constant movement at a distance from eachother , while your sniper takes his shot... either way, somebody will hit him.

#15 User is offline   stinkfingr 

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Posted 13 September 2008 - 03:05 PM

1 ) it's an open field between you and him, you have cover, he does also ? ( it does not say .. so i will assume he does also ) Send out two at the same time , opposite flanks... the one who stays back lays down heavy suppression fire .. the two on opposite sides are running and firing... it takes more time , but it is effective .. now the man in the back who is laying down the suppression fire can move up actually using one of the two flankers as a shadow .. this must be done quickly and with resolve.

2 ) I don't care how much adrenaline the mortar dude has .. it takes an easy 5 - 6 seconds at best to reload a mortar or grenade launcher . again ..after his shot, you send out 2 opposing flankers at a time .. with suppression fire behind them as a diversion and added time to make the mortar dude duck.. next shot 2 more on opposite flanks... the first two move up 20 feet .. the second two take the first two's position .. the last two go up the mifddle after the next round .. everybody moves up and provides cover for the two point men ( which should also be the fastest two ) .. pretty soon .. no more mortar dude

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