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Vest set up for victory Ideas for what you might want or need

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Posted 06 May 2010 - 09:23 AM

Every operator has their own concept for a MOLLE vest set up. I've decided to share what I know to help those of us that are new or want a MOLLE vest.

MOLLE vests are a unique thing because they allow for many configurations. As such they are flexible for any type of game you play.

Front of the vest: The front of the vest is important because this is were anything critical such as vital gear from ID's, pods, grenades, or mission essentials depending on what you do for your team. In my experience at extreme rage and even when I was starting out, I found that front mounted pods are a good thing because they cut down on reload time or if your in a position that doesn't allow you to reach in back for a pod. Other gear would be a gear pouch that's zippered, because you may have some small gear or stuff to clean your gear that can be lost easily and a zippered pouch will hold it securely. ID slot, and grenades are optional.

Back of the vest: The back of the vest commonly is were most of your paint is. Most players today will also carry their air on the back of the vest and run a remote line. Also a hydration pouch like a camelbak is a good thing because it's easy access to water through your mask with out running the risk of getting shot in the face if you lift it up on field (hopefully, no one is crazy enough to do that thou)

That's all I can think of at this point. Any opinions or suggestions?

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Posted 06 May 2010 - 10:12 AM

Molle platforms really are the best option for me because it's taken me a couple years to get to my current rig setup... it still changes now & then.

I have a custom plate carrier from Special Ops that I've been using the last couple years. I typically have a map/id pouch & radio pouch on the front panel along w/ 3x 50 round pod pouches - I use these the most just to top off or as a quick resuppply in the middle of a firefight, also to pass out to anyone around me in need of paint. On my back panel is my hydration pouch which actually holds my HPA & has done double duty as an actually hydration pouch. I can put two 2x 140 round pod pouches on the back for heavy days but normally don't have anything but the HPA on my back. On my left side is a 2x pod pouch (downfiring). I keep them there because I'm right-handed & reloading from my left side w/ my left hand is very fast. On the right side I only have a small, flat utility pouch for squeegee/rag/etc. I like to keep that side open because it allows me to keep that elbow in tight & eliminates having the remote line get caught up on anything there.

Being able to take off & put on pouches as needed for any given day of play is great. Normal scenario days I have it setup just the way I like it. If I'm running light for walk-on days I can strip off all the non-essentials so they don't get caught up on anything. If I'm running heavy for a big game I can load it out w/ every pod pouch I have.

I'll try to post up pics at some point.

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Posted 06 May 2010 - 10:26 AM

well i played for the first time this weekend (last time was all rental equipment and no pods at a bachelor party) with my gear...
i dont have my specops vest yet but will tell you my layout on that in a minute...

i used a nxe 4+1 camo harness with 4 pods and my 88ci tank with remote.... the 88ci tank is probably the biggest you will get in there unless the 90 is just taller other than rounder because this puppy was tough to get in there...
this isnt mine but the idea...

i found it easy for me to grab my pods with my left and even put them back in without looking... i liked it for what it is.... also i used at max 2 left pods plus hopper in 1 round.. other than that just 1 hopper or 1 hopper and 1 pod... so carrying 4 pods seems overkill for me...

now my vest.. this is the beauty of a creation when it gets here...
since it is molle i figured lets go big or go home..
The setup is as follows...

==> tank holder
==> 3 x 2+1 pod holders
==> LARGE name tag (RIGGS)

==> SMALL name tag (RIGGS)
==> 2 pod holder on lower right
==> id pouch on upper right
==> 2 pod holder on lower left
==> tac8 mag holder on upper left
==> tac 8 pistol holster on lower left when i want to carry pistol and not the pods... which will be most of the time..

i want to be able to go to a scenario game and carry ALOT or little... i will learn.. but it is all paid for so i will own it....
if i want to use the pistol up front but still carry the extra pods.. i could squeeze them somewhere!!!!!!

pics and review when i get it (quick call yesterday and specops said they were cutting the vest now and wanted to get my measurements)

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Side Arm==>Tiberius Tac 8.1 with 4 first strike mags and 6 regular mags
Specops Custom Vest - pistol holster w. extra clip/tons of pod holders/extra mags holder (pics when it gets here!!!!)
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Posted 06 May 2010 - 11:06 AM

The setup I'm getting ready to buy for mag play: (all directions are which way you'd grab if you're wearing it)
Battlebelt/H-harness setup
MOLLE holster (LH draw)
40mm double grenade pouch holding pistol mags
On the right:
triple open top M4 mag pouch with a Triple AK mag pouch (9 mags total for both)
Utility pouch with 4 mags for T68
Underneath that hanging from bottom MOLLE is a dump pouch
MOLLE hydration carrier, 3L bladder and a few spare mags and 10 rd tubes in the pockets of the carrier
Rip-away EMT pouch with SAM Splint, Kerlix, gauze, tape, shears, cravats, and an ACE wrap in it. Hooked to the carrier.

For SC play I am looking at getting some MOLLE to hold 10 rd tubes and 12grams along with the pistol setup and dump pouch.

EDIT: For patches... A JTPaintball70 patch on the back (small one that would usually go on the front) with a Spartan Star of Life patch on the back , Small red cross patch on the EMT pouch, Regular star of life up front, with a 'Do No harm, Do Know Harm' Spartan patch on the right sleeve of my shift and a US flag on the left sleeve

EDIT Again: Probably gonna find a small util pouch for the left front to put a small GPS in, along with maybe a little jerky and an energy bar (for games like OK D-Day), and a radio pouch would be on the right shoulder of the harness or on the top of the hydration carrer

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Posted 08 May 2010 - 02:56 AM

I used to have pouches mounted in front of me (2xA2 mag, radio and a utility), but i always found they made it difficult to crawl properly, and i couldn't really get down on my belt buckle properly becuase i had all this stuff on my chest/stomach. Same with 140 rounders in front of you, and they also prevent you front bending forward easily, and so, in my personal experience, make it difficult to play lower bunkers tightly.

Anyway, i run a Pointman MOLLE vest platform with:
5 140 pod pouches on my lower back
A camelbak pouch that takes a 3L bladder (on my back, beneath some of the 140s)
2 A2 mag pouches, RH side (normally contain smoke grenades)
1 Multipouch LH side (like the BT design)
1 A2 mag pouch LH side, in front of the multipouch (contains TPX mags, if i'm using it)
Radio pouch, upper left, though it's as far to the edge of the vest as possible, so it's not in the way when i'm prone
My TPX goes in a drop leg on the right, while my left leg is clear - when i slide into a bunker, i do it left leg down

All of the pouches are DPM, or digital DPM, and can be found here - http://www.viperkit....pm/cat_116.html
The platform, and Camelbak pouch are here - http://www.pointmangear.com/?type=22

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Posted 08 May 2010 - 07:52 AM

I love the MOLLE system!

right now im running the broadsword 9 vest, took the double grenade pouch off (i can attach it to the belt if i need too)
i have the blackcell Molle pistol holster in place of the grenades (review to come, i wana try and get some footage from the tippmann challenge at LL3 to add in the video -if they do it again)
im going to be adding some of the stock class items to my vest soon but with it customized.. which im still waiting for Mo to reply..
radio pouch
and a general utility pouch.

back side, just the 6 pods, and tank.
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Posted 21 May 2010 - 05:48 PM

If I need to go prone, I just open up my vest because you can never have enough paint in the middle of a fire fight. I'm always running and gunning and I carry 100 round pod on the front for just that to cut my reload time or if I'm in a position that makes it a dumb idea to try and reach your back pods.

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