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ADCO Hotshot vs. BSA RD30 on Tippmann X7

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Posted 10 June 2007 - 02:53 PM

I recently purchased a X7 and along with it, bought an ADCO Hotshot red dot sight. I reviewed the X7 in some detail, but not the sight itself.

After further use of the Hotshot, I bought a BSA RD30 and tried it on the X7 as well. This is a review of both of those sights.

The ADCO Hotshot is an open body type red dot site with a screw that adjusts the dot from side to side for windage, and another screw that raises and lowers the dot for elevation. There is no click system or calibrated adjustment. It is just two philip head screws. It also has off/low/high switch positions for the red dot intensity.

First off, I had issues mounting the ADCO Hotshot on the X7 picatinny rail. You are supposed to be able to flip the clamp around for larger rail systems, but it doesn't quite work.

The mount of the Hotshot is like a "double" weaver clamp. I made that term up, but picture the standard weaver rail, but on the bottom of the sight. The clamp for the sight clamps both the sight itself and the mounting rail. When you flip the clamp around, the grip is not quite as thick as it was before, so it is made to work on a bigger system.

The screws that came with it were just long enough to barely grab the threads, but not enough to tighten it. So, I went looking for a screw that was about 1/8" longer. Also, the clamp is made from aluminium, so it is fairly easily damaged.

The screw appears to be an #8-36, as measured with a gauge from my tap and die set. Note that standard screw sizes are typically #8-32 or #8-40. #8-36 is a "standard" thread size that I do have a die for, but the screws are not readily commercially available at hardware stores. It also turns out that a 4 mm screw also fits this thread, but there is a little slop in the threads with this screw.

I finally just put 4 mm screws in it and it seemed to tighten OK.

Upon trying to sight the marker in, I could get groups between 10-12 inches at about 20 yards. Not real good, but at the time, I was fairly excited about the new marker and let it go.

I went to the paintball field the next Saturday and was all over the place with the marker. I actually did better just watching the balls than trying to use the sight. The sight was still tight on the marker, but it appears that the sighting adjustment screws were fairly loose with a little slop in them.

The next week, I was on vacation, so I spent a good bit of time trying to tighten the grouping in my back yard. After disassembling the markers (which you have to take the sight off if you are going to break down the upper receiver), and dealing with the messed up mounting system of the sight, I decided to try to find a different mount.

I called several people I know who are actual gun smiths and they were not able to point me to anyone who might have a sight that worked. One offered to make me a custom mount for it, but it would have cost about 5 times what the actual sight cost. I also searched the web and went to several local gun shops and paintball shops and couldn't find a single mount that would work.

Oh, and I did email and phone ADCO (www.adcosales.com) and in the past two weeks, have yet to receive a reply from them after four phone messages and two emails. So much for customer service. Luckily, the sight itself was fairly cheap from Special Ops ($25).

As I was going through Walmart the other day, I decide to see if they had any sight mounts that may work. I came across the BSA RD30 there. I noticed that this one had a 30 mm mount, which would easily fit a picatinny rail, and it was $30. Cheap enough to try out without my wife killing me.

The BSA RD30 is a tube type, black red dot sight that has a brightness rheostat adjustment from 1-11 (0 is off) for brightness and standard telescope calibrated windage and elevation adjustments.

I bought it, finished my errands, went home and had it mounted in under 2 minutes, including taking it out of the impenitrable plastic packaging. I took it out in the back yard, and since the sight was originally factory zero'd at 100 yards, started fairly close to a target. After about 5 or 6 shots I had it on target.

I moved back to 20 yards (that's almost as big as my yard is wide) and re-zero'd it in.

After a little more tweeking, I began to shoot at various things in the yard (much to my wife's dismay) and could hit most anything on either the first or second shot.

I braced the marker against a tree and sighted in on a painted spot on the fence, and shot 10 times. My grouping was about 4 inches, which is much better than the 12 inches I got with the ADCO sight.

I then shot free hand at the fence post and was able to hit it almost everytime even in full auto.

I was also able to hit a 3 inch circle hanging from a windchime on the first shot.

The next Saturday, I took it to a paintball field and it made a hugh difference in my ability to keep people pinned while conserving ammo. I was also able to hit people fairly easily and it maintained it's zero. Several people tried it and really liked my setup.

In my opinion, I could not recommend the ADCO Hotshot, at least for the X7. I would, however, recommend the BSA RD30 to anyone.


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Posted 12 June 2007 - 04:22 PM

I'm a big fan of the BSA as well. I feel that anything less isn't good enough for paintball. They're great for the price.

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Posted 27 August 2007 - 12:34 PM

In my opinion, I could not recommend the ADCO Hotshot, at least for the X7. I would, however, recommend the BSA RD30 to anyone.

do you think the BSA will mount to the Tac Trilogy???? I believe it has weaver rails?
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Posted 27 August 2007 - 05:52 PM

I had a Hotshot sight as well for my first sight. After a few games the sight had moved around bit and after taking a direct hit; well that was kind of it for the sight. I replaced it with a Tasco 30mm red dot which is identical to the BSA. The enclosed style of the sight has worked well even after taking a few direct hits. Not to mention the lens caps that keep the lens safe when Iím not playing.

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Posted 27 August 2007 - 05:59 PM

I have a Walther 45mm red dot, which as far as I can tell is the same as the BSA RD30, just 50% wider and only 7 brightnesses (and 0 for off). It works fine for me, although I haven't used it the past few times because the field doesn't warrant it (eg too many small trees and low canopy) or my gun is acting up. I had a friend looking into either the Hotshot, or buying a sight similar to mine (or buying mine if I decide to sell), so I'll point him to this review.

Nice review by the way.

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Posted 27 August 2007 - 06:46 PM

do you have a stock on your X7? i put a red dot on mine and i couldn't get my fat head down enough to see thru it. i'm going to order a 1 inch riser ....... stupid fat head :blink:

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Posted 17 September 2007 - 04:50 PM

I love my BSA!!!!!

The red dot is made for dovetail and the green dot is made for the 7/8th rail.

Click the link below for a picture of the greed dot on my A-5.
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