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Hunter A harrasment class. Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 11 March 2009 - 08:38 PM

basically meant to confuse an enemy team or squad, to make them face or go in the wrong direction, in order to set the rest of your team up for a flank. Uses a medium kit, so they can fire plenty and distract, but can move, be stealthy, and confuse.
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Posted 17 March 2009 - 09:56 AM

that sounds exactly like what the "ambush" guy should do...

I just don't get why people are so emotionally invested in the roles and/or creating new ones. Play how you play, and if it defies explanation, power to you for being original! Sure, it's neat to analyze your play style like that and lump yourself into a group of like minded people, but seriously... you guys seriously can't try and tell me Special Ops doesn't reek of a marketing scheme. Notice how all of the markers (besides the sniper) they promote are Tippmanns... and there's a thing on the side somewhere that says "Powered by Tippmann" (or something to that effect)? Notice how rather then give you a listing of amazing drills for those positions, they give you a long list of things you can/should buy to be good at that position? And then, amazingly, they sell it at their store! For points! So you can build your profile and earn rank!

Just go play already and stop thinking so hard!

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Posted 18 March 2009 - 06:07 AM

that position is way too specialized for Spec Ops to consider putting on their website.
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Posted 18 March 2009 - 01:58 PM

Sounds like a position for someone who likes to get shot. Seriously though, go play a game, go home, put down that you were a medium rifleman and then write in the notes area exactly how you played.

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