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X7 Is it the next best thing Rate Topic: -----

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Post icon  Posted 06 February 2008 - 04:29 PM

Is it the next best marker form Tippmann, not necessarily.
For the mil-sim community, it is your new marker to gaze at. For the average PB obsessed woodsballer you might want to pass and heres why...

+ Yes, does have the 'cool' factor going for it. The utility rail running the whole length of the marker is something I've been waiting for. The rail is great and will take almost any picny. rail attachment. The stock sights are removable and the 'ugly' hopper has turned out to be one of my favorite features. The X7 also brings back some of the C98's accuracy that I feel was lost on the A-5. I'm not sure how because the chambering and barrel are the same but, it appears to shoot a little straighter.
Of course the after market mods are a nice touch. I seems that Tipp. was able to mass produce SO's ideas for them. Personal I feel that this is for the worse because you lose the that special custom feel, but SO is making money and thats good. The air through stock so far is great and works very smoothly. Throwing the tools in the mag is also creative. The selling point is the mods, and the X7 is fairly easy to mod indeed. SO will hopefully get to do some fun things independently of Tippmann. The select fire modes are a thing of beauty.

- Where to start? The idea is decent but has short comings. The sights, like always, are useless but thats expected and no fault to the makers. The X7 is also heavier than the A-5 and a great deal bulkier. Any improvements to the internals that were advertised are unnoticeable. The Cyclone is still the best stock feed system on the planet but not much of an improvement over the old.
The barrel is the same as the A-5 with one annoying pitfall. When a ball breaks in the barrel you will find a beautiful ring of paint that forms on the inside of the shroud that covers the front of the marker. This doesn't affect performance but is well, well annoying. Its a tough spot to clean. This next point is a heart stopper but easily solved. Not all after market barrels will fit through the shroud. A little ring that lines the end of the shroud prevents this. The ring is simply removed by taking the shroud apart. But still, took me a while to figure out. And, oh ya, the price. A little high for a marker that only adds a new coat of paint to the same old car. Oh, and the mags are not the greatest.

Overall: Well, I bought one. I can enjoy mine because I traded a problematic Ion for it. I works, but it is a "glorified A-5" indeed.
There still are not enough mods out there yet for the X7 to have the "make it your own" style woodsballers love. The bulk is a turn off for me but a new wave a customization of the mil-sim players. The rail, hopper, shrouds and sector switch for e-grips and response trigger are great.

For the record...form 8 out of 10
function 7 out of 10

Questions, concerns or complements...your input is welcome.
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Posted 14 February 2008 - 10:05 AM

I thought the X7 looked fairly cool and it looks like it can be modded the f up with a bunch of stuff. But I do not own one and prolly won't because I love my A5 as much as I love my mustang. I mean I have spent so much on the little mods (ricochet, expansion chamber, flatline, Egrip, double trigger, and War senser folding stock) I have now to just give them up and start fresh with an X7 that would cost me prolly 200 dollars more to make it feel the same as MY A5. SO I refuse to get one because of price mostly, but if I could trade my A5 for a decently modded X7, I would in a heart beat. But I would not count the X7 as a bad choice, it seems that it has become a vey popular choice and it will soon be as popular as the A5. Kinda like the 98, it is still around and doing very well for those rec ballers out there. It goes to show that tippmann is very consistant company bringing us some very good products.

My verdict of what I have seen of the X7

Looks- 8-10 depending on your choice of mods
Performance- If anything like my A5( :happy: ) -10
Weight- 6
Overall- 8

Posted Image
Without the cyclone :rolleyes:

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Posted 23 April 2008 - 01:27 PM

does a stock X7 shoot faster than a stock A5 with no mods on either?

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Posted 29 April 2008 - 09:20 PM

The X7 cyclone was upgraded supposedly from the a-5's from a few balls per second. I'm not sure of the raw numbers, but I seem to remember it being something like from 17 upped to 20-23.

The x7 is really cool, that's for sure, but it's just not my taste.
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Posted 29 December 2008 - 07:38 AM

So the difference between the ak-47 and ak-74. Beefed up a little, but still the same exact system as before.
More tolerances=more problems also?
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