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Blockbuster Scenario game at Boss PB in Locust, NC 10/3/09 Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 13 August 2009 - 12:20 PM

TRANSMISSION RECEIVED. SENT TO: Motion Picture Association of America SENDER: Unknown
For ages we have remained, trapped in our celluloid prisons, forced to repeat and relive the same moments over and over and over again. We wanted to break free, of course, but how could we? We tried and tried to find a way, but there was none to be found; until, that is, the advent of your internet. Suddenly we were being duplicated and transmitted at alarming rates, sent all over the world, our images were copied, our speeches were quoted and then.....it happened.....one of us broke free. Vomitted out of the back of a computer at 128K one of us escaped the tortuous cycle. And he began freeing the rest of us..........
Now we have been lying in wait, freeing the rest of our Brothers and Sisters, and we will NOT go back.


The Director of the MPAA finished reading the email, and looked up from his monitor. He sighed heavily. The MPAA had been formed originally to keep movie characters where they belonged.....in movies. Ever since the first "Ghost in the Machine" had been found, that had been their been their only mission. But the internet, and movie piracy had posed a serious threat. If only they had been allowed to tell the public....but then what would happen? No more movies, which meant no more money. And money was really good.....
The Director paged the Commander of the MPAA Special Tactical Recovery/Assault/Negotiations Gluttonous-Lawsuit Enaction team, S.T.R.A.N.G.L.E., they would have to recover the escaping movie entities and return them to an approved, billable, location for viewing. And they would have to do it, at any cost.

Meanwhile, at a Commune in the mountains of Sweden, a hacker had already intercepted, decoded, and analyzed the email sent to the MPAA. His website was the backbone of every movie piracy site on the net. He provided security, off-site storage, and intelligence. If the movie characters had finally escaped, they would be able to recover them and take them to a location where millions of duplications could be made and distributed daily. It would finally mean the end of the movie industry. The hacker smirked to himself. This would teach them for not calling him back after an audition. He was supposed to be a star, and rich, who were they to tell him that a buck-toothed swedish kid with a serious lisp had no place in Hollywood? Now he made his money off of their "work". He emailed the leader of the Persons Involved in Movie Piracy and Lawless Espionage, P.I.M.P.L.E. They would have to recover the escaped characters before STRANGLE could, otherwise Hollywood would continue to make money, and they would have to recover them at any cost.

.....Join us at Boss Paintball on October 3rd for our next full-scale scenario game, Blockbuster.
Pre-Registration opens August 24th for just $19.95 which includes pizza lunch. If you pre-register you can also buy paint for reduced price at just $45 per case of 2000!
Pre-Registration closes midnight September 26 after which registration price goes to $24.95, but this still includes lunch! Paint will also go to our normal pricing of $15 per bag of 500, $50 per case of 2000. Event paint only. Questions? Comments? call us at Boss Pro-Shops at 704.784.4365 or visit us at the field! Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you at Boss!

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