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Wevo undercocking kit for the phantom Surprising Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 21 June 2008 - 10:32 AM

I have recently purchased a Delrin undercocking kit for my phantom. I had read a variety of things about the kit, that it has a little bit of play, a little bit of wobble, ect.

Well, those things are true. I can wiggle it side to side about 1/4 an inch. I can grab the thing and twist it enough that I can almost make the kit touch the barrel.

I cannot however simply shake the gun side to side and see the kit wiggle because of simple slop. The kit isn't sloppy. The rotation I can impart by twisting is simply normal tolerances built into the design and is not noticeable when pumping.

The kit is a good quality design made of quality components. It leaves a gap that appears just big enough to allow for certain aftermarket barrels to be installed in the phantom without having them touch the sides of the Wevo kit. Due to how it is designed, it makes it a bit harder to tear the gun down and put it back together. It comes with one extra replacement screw in case you lose the original screw. People frequently complain that the pump handle is small and stumpy.
This is true that it is quite small... but it is not used by gripping the sides of the pump handle, but gripping the sides and the front. The pump handle really shines in that it lets you pull the front of the pump; this makes the actual process of pumping the phantom feel lighter and more zippy.

During auto triggering I noticed that I could keep the gun on target better than compared to my other phantom with the wrap around pump handle. It may be just me, or it may apply to you as well.

The undercocking kit also helped me break a nasty habit from my previous setup where I would constantly tilt my marker forward to re chamber a ball... which is a carryover from my VSC setup. The undercocking kit is now on an open class phantom. The new setup eliminated my muscle memory that constantly had me tilting my open class setup downward. Unexpected and neat!

It is a sound investment if you are looking to use after market barrels with a larger O.D. than the stock pump handle or simply want a smoother pump stroke. It looks good and it works very well. If you don't mind having to spend a little more time than usual tearing the gun down and putting it back together then go with this kit.

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