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Smart Parts Vibe Review My humble review and opinion Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 30 April 2008 - 03:27 PM

Specs and Features

Length: 8.75" without the Barrel
Weight: 1lb 11oz
Operating Pressure: 180psi
Gas Source: HPA or Co2
Firing Modes: Semi-auto, 3 round burst, full auto.
Max ROF: 11bps

The Good

Weight: This gun is super light weight but surprisingly durable as well. The protective cover which is Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon is very sturdy and will protect the body of the gun well. I haven't droped it down stairs or on a rock or anything like that but i'm sure that it could take this type of hit with no problem. I've shoved it up against tree and logs during gameplay and had no problems.

The low force bolt: This gun has no eyes which has alot of people thinking that it's going to chop at high rates of fire but nothing is farther from the truth, this thing will have a hard time chopping any paint in the gun at all. When I first got the gun the only paint I had was very dimpled old paint from last summer, and this gun shot all 600 rounds of it without a single break. If you go the smartparts website and view the videos for the Vibe/SP-1 you can see the tests they have done to prove how well it works a guy actually stuck his tounge in the breach and you can see the bolt hit and stop against his tounge. I myself have not done this because I'm not crazy but I have used my finger and it hits with very little force.

Efficency: I have a steel 3k psi 48cu HPA tank and I'm getting between 600-700 shots on one fill. From several other reviews i've read at pbnation other people are saying they got 800 shots on a tank of the same size but I have not seen that kind of results for me. After breaking in the reg my velocity has been pretty stable i'm usually getting a +/-3 or 4 FPS between shots.

Stock Barrel: The stock barrel is a 10" barrel so it has a nice feel with the size of the gun, and it performs like a champ. My past guns i've used J&J ceramics and the stock barrel shot just like a ceramic. I'm sure it can't shoot through a break like one, but I haven't broken a ball yet so I can't tell ya for sure. Since the stock barrel performed so well I got a Python compression barrel kit and now this gun shoots extremely accurate.

Co2 use: I've recently got a chance to use some Co2 on it and while the drop in performance is noticable it's really not that bad. The only way to notice is obviously during the higher rates of fire, so unless your constantly shooting at higher rates of fire then I don't think it's going to affect your game very much. I would not use Co2 if your going to be using the Vibe in a speedball situation where u want that faster ROF, but if your just out in the woods and you only rip with it ocassionaly you will be fine.

Easy to Clean and Maintain: The bolt out back feature is very simple and make cleaning and lubricating the vibe really easy, you only have to remove the backplate and the whole bolt slides right out. Slap some lube on the orings and your good to go.

Water Resistance: I've been able to play afew games in the rain with my Vibe including some very heavy rain and I had no problems at all. My gun ended up getting very wet, I just dried it off between games with a towel and played on without any worries.

The Bad

Battery Wiggle in the Grip: The battery will rock around inside the grip of the gun, while it's nothing that is hurtful it is really really annoying. To remedy this I put a small piece of foam in the grip to wedge the battery in tight, if you do this make sure not to block the trigger pull motion with it.

Lack of tools: The gun comes with no allen wrenches to take apart the gun, as a gun marketed toward newer players I thought that it was terribly annoying, nothing a trip to the hardware store can't fix though.

Terrible Instructions: The guns instructions are very poor and if you don't have access to the internet to look at the updated manuals your going to miss out on some important information.

Trigger: The stock trigger is not that great compared to other electro markers, there is alittle side to side slop but it's not too bad. For 11bps it gets the job done.

ASA: The ASA on this gun is not that great, it will be very pick about having the tank screwed in too far or not enough. If you get a small leak from your ASA try unscrewing about half a screw, if your getting low velocity on your first shots try screwing it in some more. This will help solve any problems if a new ASA is not an option for you.

Select Fire Upgrade

When the Vibe was first released it was semi-auto firing mode only, since then SP has made it possible to upgrade the existing board in the Vibe to have the 3 round burst and full auto firing options. This upgrade is free you only pay for shipping both ways and the customer service I experienced with the situation was great, they were happy to answer any questions I had. Also with the select fire upgrade they will install a wedge between the asa and the grip frame that angels the tank slightly downward. This was done to help Co2 users keep the liquid Co2 from entering their guns, so if you don't want your bottled angled make sure and tell smart parts not to install this wedge.

Other Information

Loaders: You will be fine using a gravity fed loader if you want but in order to get the full effect of the higher ROF you will need to upgrade to a faster loader. Nothing super exspensive is needed I use a Revvy on mine and it keeps up just fine.

Upgrades: The gun is new still so there are not alot of upgrades avaliable for the Vibe yet. The ones I know of are from Trinity Paintball which includes a new trigger and a clamping feedneck. Boards that are going to allow faster rates of fire were due out in March but have been delayed because of some technical issues with them.


In my opinion the Vibe is a great little gun. While it wont shoot ropes like some of the higher end electo markers, it will shoot a good ROF and do so without chopping. I used a Tippmann 98 custom before switching to the Vibe afew months ago and the Vibe performes better hands down then all of the Tippmans I've shot, which includes the X7 and A5. It's also much quieter and more efficent than most other guns in it's price range. I would incourage any new player, player on a budget, or someone looking for a good backup marker to check out the Vibe.

Any SP haters please do not turn my review into a flame fest, Thank you.

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