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Posted 01 June 2009 - 09:33 AM

Let's start with some pics, shall we?

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What it is:
Several years back Psychoballistics came out with a an Autococker clone called the Superbolt. The body is designed around the Dye Ultralight 'cocker style and from what I understand theyw ere milled with the same machines even. The bodys are a slightly lower grade aluminum from what I've read and some of the threads are different. It's extremely light for an autococker. The biggest problem, and a lot of bad reviews, for the Superbolt have to do more with the Pnuematics than everything, apparently the 3 way is total crap. Luckily for my purposes, the pnuematics will never see air. Anyways patent infringments took the marker off the marker and now they can be found where there is still stock left like at IIsports.com for below $100. A steal for a marker that was $250 when the company was in business and all it needs to really kick butt is a $15 3-way. It comes with a gun case, allen set, spare orings, manual(which sucks-it reccomends Vasoline for an acceptable lube...bad.), and a descent 2 piece barrel. It does not include an ASA or HPR.

That's the Superbolt. Now the pump part? I ordered a Sanchez Machine Pump kit with it, also from II sports. The pump kit was easy as heck to install once the markers pnuematics were removed. The return spring is actually inside the pump handle, so there are no exposed springs(yay!). The pump shaft bolts right onto the empty front block and it included a fitted cocking rod that screws right into the back block. It's about a 20 minute conversion from semi auto to pump.

My setup:
Well you know what it is and the pump kit make, but I also added a DP reg, 2 piece barrel, and an on/off ASA. As for the hopper, I use a modified Winchester 50 rounder hopper with a flip lid and a 48ci 3k PE tank.

Most pumps are based off one of two popular pump designs(albiet some are slightly modified), Sheridan or Nelson. Nelsons are single tube designs and some examples are Phantoms and Buzzards, Sheridan based are like Snipers(cocker pumps) and the CCM's. I always prefered Neslon based pumps in the past. I think it's because I always prefered single tubed Automags to the bigger Autocockers so I assumed that I'd like Phantoms over Snipers. And I think for Stock class play I still do. Open class with a hopper and tank though, I now much prefer the Sheridan styles. It's a heavier, more stable shooting platform for fast shooting. That said, the Superbolt is VERY light for an autococker and doesn't feel 'cheap' at all. It butts comfortably and pivots easily, while giving me the stable platform I was looking for.

Sooo...how's it shoot?
A-Freaking-Mazing. The Sanchez kit offers super smooth pump action and the swing trigger is short and very snappy. There is virtually no recoil when fired and with my barrel it's pretty quiet as well. I played about 3-4 hours with it at Mission Masters Ghost Recon event and it was amazing. Butter smooth pump, shot darts all day, no breaks, no blowby, and over the chrono it was reading 268, 272, 267. I was shooting it at the targets at the chrono station and literally laid paint on paint on paint to nicely that the chrono ref and several players were talking about how consistantly accurate it was. It showed on the field too. This thing hit just about everything I pointed it at. It honestly shot better than any of the Phantoms I've owned did. I didn't measure the efficiency per say, but I can tell you these aren't as efficient as Nelson pumps, and not terribly practical for stock class 12 gram play, I'll sick to a VSC Phantom if I ever play true stock class again.

If you want a sweet pump, and an amazing value, you can build one of these while the Superbolts are still on clearance for a GREAT price. I paid $75 for the marker, $29.99 for the pump kit, and then you'll just need a reg, an asa, and some basic know-how to make the conversion. It's a fantastic performer and probably a good investment. When the superbolts are gone, the value will pop up in the used market. That, and pumps in general are in right now and have good resale value.
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Posted 27 June 2010 - 05:25 PM

I love how every time i search for paintball advice band of brothers always comes up

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