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Posted 17 March 2010 - 05:39 PM

My Full Review of RAP4 T68

Just a quick background on me and my experience with paintball markers, I have been playing paintball for about 13 years, I have owned a spyder, Matrix (original), Autocockerís (too many), Tippman 98, SP-1, TM-7, MILSIG (only for a week) and now a RAP4 T68. I just recently got into the magazine style of play. I have played speedball, woodsball, been to a few scenarios and outlaw games. I am an individual who has no ties with RAP4 or any other marker manufacturer. Just love to play the game! This is my opinion of the marker, I am not telling to buy one or anything else, just and FYI.

Ordering from Rap4:
I recently ordered a T68 special edition ‚ÄúBravo‚ÄĚ The base marker is priced at $249.00 (hopper fed only) I went ahead and got the magazine fed which added an additional $50.00. I also ordered a T68 M4 vertical hopper adapter. (Figured I may need to use a hopper at some point, until the box magazine comes out) that was $25.00. I find it pretty straight forward about ordering from rap4, everything I searched for has an image so you visually see it, which is nice and I could find everything pretty easily. I did have a question though which I was able to PM KT on the community forum and he answered my questions within a few hours! My order came to a total of $324.00 plus shipping and insurance. This is my only complaint; you would think after spending over $300.00 they could give you free shipping! So after shipping cost it was a total of $341.80, not to bad for a magazine fed marker! Some other markers cost well over 350.00 just for a base gun. Also they included a free gift which you are able to choose what you want from t-shirts, hats and DVDís. I ended up getting the DVD which retails for around $19.99. Which I guess you could say offsets the shipping charge. I placed my order around 4:20 pm EST and at 7:26pm EST I got an e-mail stating my order has shipped with a tracking number, thatís pretty fast turnaround! It also stated that my marker would be to my hands on 3/16/09 which is a week of transit. Remind you that it is shipping from California to New York, not too bad. Overall I am pleased about the whole ordering process! I would give it a 9/10. 9 only because of the buyer having to pay for shipping on a $300.00 order. They should have an option under free gift to be able to select free shipping, if you donít want any of the other items.

Receiving and Packaging:
The marker was delivered on March 16, 2010 at 2pm, the marker was in a big box with a lot of air plastic wrap and the marker itself was wrapped in bubble wrap. The magazine was in its own little box as well and the manual, tools and parts kit was in a plastic bag. There were no fancy boxes or cases, not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing; to me it is not big deal I will be getting my own gear bag or case for my stuff anyways. So I am going to give packaging a 7/10 this will differ from person to person, the reason for the 7 is, you did buy a $299.99 marker RAP4 could have included something, even if it was a cheap rifle sock or something, but like I said it is no big deal for me!

Testing out the marker and Disassembly:
As soon as I got all the items out of the box and unwrapped, I immediately put the magazine into the magazine well, pretty easily done. I then went and got my remote line and air tank and hooked it up to the marker. Cocked the gun (love the cocking handle makes it feel like a real M4/ AR) and air it up, then took a couple shots, no leaks and shot great! I also tried the marker with paint from the magazine, shot several shots over the chrono came out to be 304, 310, 307 fps, was kind of high and of course never read the manual on how to reduce the velocity. I shoot the rest of the paintballs in the magazine and end up breaking a few of the last paintballs. The reason I broke paint is because of two reasons, first it was shooting pretty hot and I was using really old paint that has been sitting in my basement for almost a year, average temp. in the basement is about 60-65 F, so the paint was really brittle. So I figured this would be a good time to tear the marker apart.
I grabbed the little tool kit that comes with the marker and proceeded to tear the marker down. I ended up taking everything apart to get a better understanding of how the marker operates and where all the parts go. (I do this with any marker I get; the worse thing you could do is getting out to the field and never disassembling your marker!). When I went to remove the barrel it was really and I mean really tight! I ended up using a strap wrench to get it off! So it took me about 20 mins to get it all disassembled (really should have read the manual!) It actually was very easy to get it all disassembled, used three allen wrenches to do it, so not too bad. Everything was very well oiled from RAP4, you could definitely take this marker out and play and not have to worry about the o-rings not being oiled! Put everything back together in about 15 mins and aired it up and shot great! So I finally read the manual to see how to properly disassemble the marker, it tells you how to field cleaning, which is really simple if you happen to break paint. You only need to remove (5) total screws and you can clean the front of the bolt off and the breech. Overall I give it a 8/10, the reason it is an 8 is because the velocity was a little high out of the box and using three different allen wrenches to take apart the gun is a little annoying.

RAP4 magazine:
Now onto the magazine itself, I was kind of disappointed in the magazine. First, when I used the magazine the third time some how the string got wrapped around the bracket that holds the winder in place, easy fix but still a pain! Second, I find that the plastic ball end that actually pushes the paintball get easily jammed in the feed neck it is almost like it is too small and should be a little bigger. Third, I also find the feed neck gets jammed in the lower position at times and will not return to the upper position unless you play with it, not sure if it is the ball bearing or the spring but it gets annoying. I do believe that the Milsig magazines will fit the RAP4 guns as well; I think these will be a better option as I did not have a problem with these types of magazines. Overall the RAP4 magazine I give a 5/10, the reason being, I do like the finger winder makes it a little easier on your fingers and hand. Also I do like that there are 6 ball bearings to keep smaller paint in possibly, though I have not actually tried smaller paint though.

wRAP up:
So my final score is a 7.5/10, overall I am impressed with the realism of the marker right down to the charging handle and not to mention the size. The most important aspect of a paintball marker I feel is that it works when it needs to, out on the field! I cannot wait to take it out on the field and continue this review!

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Posted 02 June 2010 - 08:11 PM

Nice review. I'm about to purchase a Bravo model myself. Would you recommend this marker to others? What could be done to make this a better marker? I've been tossing up between this and a Milsig for a while and I'm leaning more toward the T68 Gen6 now.


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Posted 16 August 2010 - 01:26 PM

Good review. Detailed. I love the T68 myself, realistic, accurate and rugged.

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