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D-Day 2009: 899th Tank Destroyer Battalion is recruiting! The Black Cats are looking for the best. Are you one? Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 18 January 2009 - 06:54 PM

History/Mission of the 899th:
In 2006 one of the first actions of the newly appointed Supreme Allied Commander Ken “Psycho” Moore and his staff at Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces (SHAEF) was the creation of a dedicated allied tank destroyer unit. That unit is the 899th Tank Destroyer Battalion – the “Black Cats”.

Our mission is simple -- to engage and destroy the most powerful and one of the best units in the German Army – the 21st Panzer. We are to face and overcome the German Armor and we will do just that.

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Though our mission is simple -- our need for players is not. We must have a player of a caliber unlike any other unit at OK D-day. You must be part sniper, part ranger, part airborne, and part infantry and now add to that mix the courage to run in to the face of a paint ball armored vehicle when everyone else is running away.

Are you that player? Can you think, move, charge, endure, and finally overcome? Do you play with honor, humility, and determination? If so then there is only one place in the entire Allied army for you and that is as a member of the 899th Tank Destroyer Battalion.

Being a tank destroyer is more than firing an A/T weapon and we have a need for all kinds of players from support gunners, to recon, to Heavy Weapon Support personnel.

But one thing all players regardless of role in the 899th will have in common is they will be part of OK D-day history in the making and will be known as “Better than the Best”.

Come join our unit and experience the camaraderie off the battlefield and fierce drive and teamwork on it that is unrivaled in every unit at D-Day. We are all that the Special Forces of D-Day claim to be, but without the age limit that keeps younger players from playing. We push ourselves harder than everyone on the battlefield and when the game is done, people remember the Black Cats. Don’t you want to be remembered?

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The 899th is looking for those few with the fortitude and skill to play in the unit with the toughest assignment in the entire Allied army if not the entire game. Don't believe me ask some of the German commanders such as Mouth or 00buckshot and see what they say about the Black Cats.

We do it all; beach assaults, tank killing, plane destroying, bunker busting, fast attack, urban assault, you name we do it. Heck, we are even the engineers for Utah beach.

Do you like to build and tinker? We are the unit for you. We have some of the best minds at D-Day when it comes to new and more intriguing toys each year. Don’t believe us, join up and see what we have in store… unless you would rather be on the receiving end.

Want to stand toe to toe with a tank and win!?! Then we are the unit for you.

Want to make great friends, train hard, learn, and enjoy the OK D-day experience? Then we are the unit for you. We are putting our minds and our wallets together and creating a camping experience and unit cohesiveness that is unlike any at D-Day.

Want the rush of attacking the beach and the big guns? Then we are the unit for you. We charge the largest open Beach at D-Day. Come enjoy the most scenic and intense paintball experience you have ever tasted, and enjoy the rush and glory as you stand on top of the hill taking the flag for the Allied Cause!

If this sounds like the unit for you then join up today! Contact the following for more information; Texas, Kahnif, Cookie

Here are some links to get you better acquainted with the 899th:
- 899th TDB Information Page (Unit info at Allied Command website)

To register for the 899th follow this link:
- 899th Registration Page
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Posted 18 January 2009 - 11:25 PM

Closed for spamming. You can make ONE thread about this, not one in each section. Do it again and get warned.
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