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RAP4 Real Action Markers New LE version Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 10 November 2004 - 10:55 AM

This is my review of the Rap4/Real Action Marker, this is the latest version just released the LE verison. I hope you like my review format. Heres a picture of my gun.

Posted Image

Experience: 2 years

Products Used: Tippman 98, Tippman A5
Marker Setup: Real Action Marker LE Version

Upgrades: LE upgrade for v3 and v4 markers.

These markers can be found at www.rap4.com

Product Year: 2004

Strengths: Exact 1:1scale replica, no other marker is this real. Not armotch, at4, sim4, none.

Weaknesses: Uses .43 cal paintballs made by nelson, some fields wont allow .43.

Review: This is the M4 Ram v4 LE with single shot and full auto modes. For those out there looking for the most realistic markers these cant be beat. So real swat and military orginazations prefer to train with this marker. NO HOPPERS!!!!! This uses real 21 round magazines loaded with paintballs in shell casings that eject when fired and that must be reloaded to provide the real wargame experience. I personally have owned the v4 marker and my brother has a v3, and now I just bought the latest version of this marker the LE. This new version addresses flaws with the original versions. Has 400fps and as accurate and as much range as a Tippman A5. Capable of 13bps on full auto, and the bps is adjustable. I use this marker to play against and with tipmman a5's, 98's, and angels. First of all tell me one marker that looks that real, their isnt. There is armotech, sim4, at4's and others but none are true 1:1 scale replicas, same weight and size like the rap4. So on realism it beats all. Now I know some of you dont care about realsim and think milsim paintball is stupid. Well be smart, dont forget paintballs roots. It started as woodsball in the woods wearing camo. It didnt start on a speedball field with players wearing motocross jerseys and stuff. I know I ride motocross. It started in the woods and today woodsball still is more popular with the most players. Most players arent playing proball. Alot like milsim, not just airsoft players. And the problem for those who like realistic markers with airsoft is no mark to prove hits. I use my rap4 in games versus a5's and angels. And I have actually gotten out tourney players with my rap4. It doesnt matter if your mags only have 21 rounds and you have to reload mags. If you are good you should be able to take out the opponent with a shot or two. I will say it is good for woodsball mostly and is a serious disadvantage on a speedball field. I know I have used my rap4 at www.nashvillepaintball.com and they were cool about it. The problems with it on a speedball field is the too big size and no woods to use for cover. It was really hard playing speedball with it, although I did manage to eliminate a couple of the opposing players. One thing about these guns is the small air tank, it holds 2 ounces. Well first of all it is very efficient, since it launches a smaller 43 caliber paintball it is not a gas hog. But the small tanks can still be a pain. You have to refill them after each game or own multiple tanks. Thats why I use a remote line with my rap4. These markers are new on the block. They have only been out for a year now. But they are here to stay just like armotech, sim4, at4 and all the other m4/m16 type markers. The rap4 is a great marker. And I prefer the challenge of being skillfull with my rap4. There is nothing better than eliminating players who shoot like crazy, going into the games with a thousand shots, spaying paint all willy nilly. Then I take them out with a couple well placed shots.

Conclusion: Great marker for those looking for realistic 1:1 scale replicas. The LE version now puts the range and accuracy in the same range as a Tippman A5.

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Posted 07 January 2005 - 12:32 AM

Hi, guys, nice forum by the way, I am from the Rap4 forum, I also have a Rap4 LE, but I installed the LE kit myself(nice learning experience).

I bought the marker as a .40cal and upgraded with the LE(which is a new copper lined barrel, .43cal paint, new launch rod and a rubber grommet.

Very rugged and ready for action anywhere, built like no other. Completely submergible.

Rap4 just came out with new .43cal paint, and I am now testing it in my LE, I am pleased with it, it breaks at longer range than the old .43cal. It has a cracking shell instead of a shell that squishes(very nice).

I am still testing for the range, which I am currently getting 40ft. accurate, which when I first started using the new paint I was only getting 20ft. accurate, so I'm still improving the range.

With the old .43cal paint in the LE other people are getting 75ft accurate. So I'm going to try and match that range.

Here are few pictures.

Posted Image

I also use a home built shell catcher(holds about 140rds), which is nice so you don't have to rebuy the shells, but sometimes they get warped so you have to discard those.You can also get a 250rd shell catcher from Rap4.
Posted Image

Posted Image

I enjoy every minute of my LE, really nice marker.

I will give you guys some more pics, I'm just in the process of adding accessories, I will show you new ones soon.

Rap4 is running sales, so if you want to buy, now is a good time.
For more information please visit: http://www.rap4.com/

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Posted 13 January 2005 - 02:57 PM

The video advertising the rap-4 guns is so stupid and it makes me not want to buy any of their guns. Back on topice how does it shoot was it worth all the money?
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Posted 30 January 2005 - 02:04 PM

Couple of facts for those considering a RAM purchase.

1) To get optimal performace out of the le model you must fire it in excess of 450 fps. Try finding a field that will allow that.

2) There are no less than two or three people on the Rap4 site selling LE's for performance or maintenance issues each of them claiming less than 300 rounds of ussage don't believe me check these links



Still want to spend $500.00 or more on a marker that doesn't perform go ahead. :blink:

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