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New to me stuff Mask, Gloves, and pod pack Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 07 January 2009 - 10:10 PM

About a month ago I made an order for three different items from ActionVillage.com:
Vents Avatar Mask
Smartparts Gloves
WGP 2 Pod Pack (drop leg option)

I just recently got to use these items and I feel that it improved my game, so I would like to share.
But first I want to tell yall about my old setup so yall can see the difference.
JT Full helm
Gloves from WallyWorld with no fingers
Extreme rage 2+1 pod pack

I decided to get new gear, soft goods if you would, because I was tired of the fog in my mask, the little to no protection from my gloves, and my flimsy pod pack.

This gear seemed inadequate in comparison to my QLoaded Ion.

First and foremost, the best up grade here was the mask.

Light Weight - Easily half the weight of my JT.

Quick Lens Replacement - All you have to do is move the strap straight up and the pop out two pins and there you have it! (Impossible for this to happen on the field and in my own experience, the fastest lens change I have ever seen).

Flexible - Soft material yet firm enough, good balance, enough to protect but enough to deflect.

Thermal Lens - Comes with a thermal lens and a lens bag, no fog in an entire day of play.

Amazing Field of View - Can see anything coming.

Comfortable - The foam was not scratchy at all.

Straps - Extremely adjustable, and a good size, holds tight!

Great Protection - Covered entire face.

Gets Hot - Although they are a Vents brand, there really is not that much ventilation.

Lens is Dark - Hard to see in the woods (obviously this can be changed).

Not a Full Helm - Didn't notice though.
My personal opinion on this mask is that it is absolutely sexy!
In blue, it makes you look intimidating (Bet it would in red too).
Gives off a vibe that you are not afraid to be seen, that you want them to remember your face, they will hide.
I was able to actually see what I was shooting at, and I feel that it was a great investment for the money I spent.
So far I have recommended it to everyone I know that plays paintball.

Protection - It is like getting shot in the mask, you don't feel it.

Tight Fit - Will not slip, skin tight and will fit to your hand.

Cool Look - Self explanatory.

No Tags - Or strings.

Hard To Get On - And off.

Cutting the Fingers - Very stringy when cut.
Great gloves, not to expensive, very good looking. No issues really.

WGP POD PACK 20 - 25$
Sturdy - Will not fall off.

Drop Leg - Optional, can be a regular pod pack.

Holds Pods - Secure.

Came With Pods - WOO!

Ridged Build - Not made of cloth.

Q Pods - Do not fit, I had to modify it.

Bouncy - All pod packs are, but it wasn't any better than my old one.

Only Two - Pods, wish it held more.
I like the way it was made, held up well even when I was running clear across field. Easy to Modify! Sexy Blue! Tight enough for me to inverse my Q pods and they hold, but not so tight that it takes two hands to get a pod out. Great pack for the price.

Over all I found all of these items to be well priced and of good quality, tell me what yall think. :laugh:

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