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Posted 17 March 2008 - 08:29 PM

here is my review from somewhere else.

I am an SP8 user, let me give a review.

I have been using an SP8 for 2 years. I have an A5, X7 e-griped with mods, and an e-tek ego. I have also used Bobby Longs and other high end electros.

My SP-8
Ion Firebolt
Ion APE rampage board
SP 360 QEV
Killa Detents
Stealth Barrel Kit
SP8 Stock

My overall impression of a stock SP8 7.5/10


Looks- different colors, usually you get some oohhs and ahhss, I have my decked out with scope and laser. I love the look, although it depends on your taste.

Ion Internals- Because it has mainly Ion parts, the aftermarket is pretty extensive. I have an Rampage board and I can switch between full auto/ramping/sem-auto pretty quickly. The stock ion board isn't bad at all, you can ramp to 16 bps no problem with a bolt/qev upgrade. You cannot switch modes easily though.

Eyes-Now that I use electros there is no way I will buy another marker that does not have eyes. Eyes prevent breaks by detecting the ball, that's HUGE. I hate ball breaks, that basically can make you ineffective for a lot of a game. With a Tipmann X7 even modding the detents, getting squishy paddles, and a new rachet I still break balls on full auto. I have shot 4 cases of paint this year through the SP8 without breaking one ball, on full auto, 18 bps!

Barrel: The stock barrel is ok, warpig has done an extensive review of the CEP and its not bad. I have the stealth barrel kit, it makes the gun very quiet. The accuracy is acceptable but not as good as a freak barrel kit. I believe the sizing for the stealth barrel kit is about a .693

Electro- Again, the stock board is good for most players, can ramp quite easily. I have played in a rainstorm at SPPL with it and it performed fine.


Hopper- Obviously, you need some force feed loader for it, that's another 90 bucks at least. The torque loader is a decent loader that's about 90 bucks that can feed 30 balls per second. The other weakness is it has to sit high, increasing profile height even compared to other electros

Feedneck - The biggest weakness, it's plastic, everyone has cracked a feedneck with the SP-8. There are some quick fixes but even then it still sucks. Not only does it increase your profile but it breaks because of the weight. I have modded my feedneck: cutting in half and using expoxy to reinforce and so far no problems.

Durability- Feedneck is part of it, but there appears there is a carrying handle, do not carry it by there!. It'll break, so not as durable as a Tippy. Unfortunately, most of the body is plastic to reduce weight/cost, so there are some parts of the SP-8 are not as durable as I would like.

Field Stripping- Not the easiet compared to an Ego or a Spyder. I work on cars so taking my SP8 apart to me is like cake, but the SP8 may not suit certain people's tastes. To get to the breach and the bolt you have to take apart the plastic shell and disconnect the board, all with a screwdriver and allen wrench.


I use the SP-8 as my primary because of looks and its a mil-sim electro. I can pump 18 rounds or more if necessary at my opponents and not break a ball. I can always get an Apex adapter on a palmers brass to compete with the flatlines. very happy with gun!

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Posted 24 March 2008 - 12:52 PM

nice, indepth

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Posted 24 March 2008 - 05:36 PM

Nice guide pics?

Tippman owners group #35

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Posted 24 March 2008 - 07:07 PM

I had an SP8. Got rid of it fairly quickly. Here is what I think:
1. 19" Suppressor kit: very quiet, I've managed 100 foot kill without my taget knowing where i was.
2. Again, very acurate.
3. At 17 BPS the SP8 is fast
4. Almost made for the Q-loader

1. Board died after playing with the SP8 once
2. Difficult to field strip
3. Unbalanced with a hopper on it
4. Weight of hopper broke the right half of the shell
5. Lack of mods
6. Lack of durability

My suggestion, get an A5 and get an E-grip for it. I spent a lot of money on the SP8 which I ended up trading for an A5A2. With an E-grip the only advantage the SP8 has over it is how quiet the SP8 is. I picked up a Q-loader for the SP8 and I still ended up using my 98C more than the SP8 due to issues between the SP8 and the Q-loader. The idea was decent but poorly executed. I would not recommend the SP8.
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Posted 06 May 2009 - 02:28 PM

Well I only discovered the SP-8 Tactical this night, My first thoughts on appearance is that it look far better than many others.

I am a Tippmann user as that is the most popular in my area for selling and availability .
I have an A-5 with the following:
Remote Line
Collapsible Stock
Flatline barrel

I was looking for other people's opinions as I was thinking about getting a SP-8 as my primary gun .
What do you think should I get a SP-8 or am I better to stay with my A5?
Any additional info will be appreciated

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Posted 08 May 2009 - 09:35 AM

The looks of the SP8 are good, but I much prefer the SP1 over the SP8 and I've managed to convince a lot of people to pick one up. First off, it's far less expensive. It's capped at 11bps, but that's fine for every situation. You can change firing modes on the fly. You can run CO2 or HPA with similar results and no worries about freezing. It's compact and made for tight situations yet can be upgraded with carbine stocks to make it feel more like an assualt rifle. It's better balanced and the ergonomics of the marker remind me of an improved 98. The low-force bolt hasn't chopped a ball in 6 cases yet and that's under less than ideal circumstances since I have been using it outside throughout an Alberta winter. It's still quiet though, add a ported barrel and you are set to go.

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Posted 15 May 2009 - 07:06 PM

I would recomend the SP8 my only downside for it is that its heavy and requires a lot of TLC. but other than that its a great marker

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