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Broadsword stories tell em' here! Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 01 October 2008 - 12:42 PM

After seeing that sabre's and dagger's have war stories to share, I thought we should have our own post for that, I'll start with mine.

It was customer appreciation day at yellow jacket and we were playing with the sun in our eyes , and we were playing against some speedballers (we were on the scenario village tho) so I take the right side and start pinning down the field owner while my other teamates don't even try to move up for an advantage so I'm stuck with the sun in my eyes, goggles fogging up and a good 15-20 bps coming at me, I pull back some to reload and move back up, he decided to move at the wrong time, and I tagged him out, then I move up through the factory he was holding, (teammates still not moving) and loop around the entire field and come back and flank him (we were playing rec-ball, reinsertion whenever.) then pulled a benedict arnold and took out one of my own team. much fun.

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Posted 27 October 2008 - 08:54 AM

Here is mine from a few weeks ago.

I was at Skirmish USA, Jim Thorpe PA: went with my dad and a few friends, Circle city capture the flag center flag. We were getting one or two out here and there then one of the guys we were playing with (a Russian which was freakin awesome) killed the other teams flag carrier, saw me and waved the flag. On the way to the clear zone I provided cover for him and wiped out over half the team, it was like 16 on 16. It was the first flag win of the day.

Also that day on a woodsball field, two flag, sat on a path with two men in front of the flag on defense, and took out about 70% of their team. 4 groups of three. One of them after getting shot, stopped next to his friends, who were trying to snipe us, to chit chat easy kill. Sometimes people just do stupid things.

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Posted 17 November 2008 - 01:46 PM

Here is one of mine a few weeks ago with some friends up at the Willard Brook State Forest close to where I live. And this new kid James that joined in was wearing full gillie and looked a bit ridiculous because of how he made it look. He looked like a bush when he kneels down which was alright I guess. But anyways, we were playing a three on three capture the flag and I was leading the way on my team and I ended up getting caught in the middle of a firefight with a few people. And my friend Eric from school ended up running out into the fray to catch them off guard while I did some cover fire and right before he got them on their left flank up pops James out of no where not two feet from him and pretty much pulls a Rambo with a thick red window marker on Eric's mask and down his chest a little.

I'm freaking out because it was the craziest thing I ever saw playing paintball because that took true skill and patience to pull off. But James ends up running away right after he marks Eric and disappears without a trace.

We end up losing the game because of me laughing at that and getting shot in the chest on my right pec and only having one person who doesn't do well alone on a two verse one.

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