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The ion kit disaster Aka the strange body.

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Posted 06 May 2006 - 01:30 PM

Before i say anything i can say i have used this and personaly its not worth it. For a mod to make the gun look nice its way to exspensive and will actualy make your gun heavier which is not to good. ALso it promisis bolt out back action were you twist the bolt out. Its not as simple as it sounds since on the strange body you have to remove the rear screw and then you need that wrench that came with your ion to twis the body out. So its not like how a spool vavlve gun has its bolt taken out. The body is also a pain to install since some feed necks dont fit the body and some qevs like my pe qev dosnt fit. So you need to find your spare banjo fiting and cut the tube off to reatach a tube that might be to large for it to get the original banjo fiting on if your using a pe qev. Also you must be extrememly delicate with the rear banjo fiting since if you tug on it to hard to take it out you can damge the internals. So after i installed the body the gun didnt turn on its board was dead. So now its in the shop. Personaly dont get this product since
Some feed necks dont fit it
some qevs dont fit it
hassle to put on
screws dont always aline
Its pretty heavy for a body
Its hard to clean since theres holes in the side whichinvolve a q tip to get out.
Its long
If you dont mind a heavy,hard to install body then its ok. Go black cell or dynasty body they look just as good but arnt hard to install.
It looks good so thats a 5 and its hard to install so thats no point,it dosnt precisly do what it says so thats not point andd its heavy.
I give this think a 6/10 since it looks ok and you cna take the bolt out semi easily.

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