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PCS US-5 and a Cyclone

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Posted 06 December 2009 - 09:46 PM

this came up in another thread, and since i had already done this, per request have taken some pics to show what needs to be done. i also realize now that i STILL have not painted it up to match the gun yet...wow am i lazy. the snakeskin job on this gun is listed in here as THE ANACONDA.

first, you need to know that the US-5, even though it is shaped a LOT like an A-5 on the outside, is more like the 98 on the INSIDE. and the hopper mount is just like the 98.

so if you are going to do this, BUY THE 98 MOUNT CYCLONE. the inside guts are the same. match them up and you will see. i buy A-5 and 98 parts to swap/upgrade my gun innards. get yourself some springs and the "Superfly" or "Howitzer" bolts. OMG they really made this puppy mean.

now, in the pictures i have circled in blue some of the key parts that need taken care of. the hinge matches up dead perfect. so that part is the easiest.

now, the top part of the mount (onto the gun) is designed to go over the top of the 98 and hook onto it. this will NOT BE DONE HERE.

you have to shave back the top of that mount as seen in the 3rd photo down.

your biggest worry is the air line, and i will get to that in a bit. 4th photo....

in the 5th photo, you see how things are locked onto the gun. the feed mount that comes with the US-5 locks in higher than a Cyclone, and the cyclone lock would be straight over the gun, but here we are going on the side of the gun. you have to get a strong piece of steel that you have to mod to fit from one lock to the other and bolt them in place. the phillips head screw is the one that comes with the cyclone, and the hex head nut and bolt are the same ones from the US-5 that hold the hopper mount lock on just like normal. so the only thing you need is the steel that you make. drill holes to fit respective screws/bolts. that piece of steel is actually bent at an odd angle to fit that spot. when you try this, you will see what i mean.

now, for the part that will make you worry the most: THE AIR SOURCE. i will say that it had me in panic at first, but not much air pressure is involved in this area of things, so dont worry. on your US-5 you will see a filled in knob right where the air port would be on an A-5. here it is solid metal. you have to drill it out. BE CAREFUL. MAKE IT SMALL. size up a drill bit against the air hose mounting piece that comes with the cyclone kit GO SMALLER THAN THE THREADS!!!!!. (now if you have the tools, you can drill it out small and TAP it with threads to fit perfect) me, i didnt have those, and wasn't gonna wait around for them! so i had it sized really tight, found a screw that matched up the threads pretty close to what was gonna be going in there, and tried like crazy to force thread it in there, then remove it, and used the RED locktite to lock in the air mount as i screwed it in there, making sure it held very tight. you may even get away with using a super small amount of JB WELD, but make sure it doesnt get in the air hole!

so i used a wrench to screw in the mount, let the locktite dry, left it facing the cyclone of course. the rest is easy.

i will say that squishy paddles are a MUST! and those are more trouble to put in than mounting this thing on the gun!!!!!! (at least for me)

any questions...things i missed....ASK!!!!!!!

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