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Posted 30 July 2008 - 01:35 PM


I first saw this barrel on A5OG. I read through the thread and saw that the manufacturer was looking for field testers. I sent him a PM and we talked for a while. He agreed that he would send me a barrel to be tested. Since I no longer had an A5, I asked if he would send an AC threaded barrel so that would give me the most markers to test with. I will list later the marker setups that the barrel was tested with. I like what Glen is trying to do with his Stinger barrels. He is trying offer paintballers a product that will perform like a $100 barrel with the price tag that easy on the wallet. The price for the Stinger barrels range from $39 to $69. They offer a variety of lengths and patterns to fit your style. There plain carbon fiber, camo, tigerstripe, or whatever you may want. The only sizes are 12 and 14 inch. That is the most common length for barrels anyway. He offers 3 different barrels to fit your needs. There is the Hornet series, Venom series, and Stinger Signature series. I agreed to try a barrel and see if what he had to offer is worth the money. Remember that this is a new venture for Stinger and as with any new business, there are a few growing pains. We all make mistakes but how we handle the issues and take care of them is what makes good customer service. From what I have talked to Glen, I think he is willing to try to make a good product for a good price. Now on to the review.

The markers that the barrels were tested on ranged from a Tippmanns to an AKA Viking. I wanted to use a variety of markers to see how they would perform. I was only expecting one barrel but Glen sent two. One was a 12" Hornet and the other was a 14" Venom. First impression was that the barrels were kind of plain. Well crafted and the finish was good but kind of plain. That is not a bad thing. I am not one for BLING! I have used products that had all the packaging and marketing but no performance. I will gladly take performance over looks anytime. You can see what I mean when in the picture with the three barrels. I have a 14" Stiffi to compare the barrels to. Let me say that I would not spring for a new Stiffi anytime. I found a deal on a used Stiffi and that is why I have one. I have a family of 4 to feed and clothe, so I am always looking for a good deal. I would like to see some kind of graphic or sticker to show off the barrel. I think that is one way to make your product known. Just a little pic on the barrel like Stiffi has on theirs. That is really the only thing on the looks of the barrel. You could also say that the J&J is plain. Like stated, that is not always bad. The finish was good. No fibers or loose weave. There was a little adhesive that was showing but not a big issue. That is just a little quality control issue that can be fixed. These were in the plain carbon fiber weave. That is my style. Not fancy or flashy but still a nice finish. The anno is good on the threaded collar. Only thing is that barrel could have been supplied with an Oring for AC threaded barrels. Helps keep the barrel from coming loose and helps seal the barrels. So I will give a 7/10 for finish and looks.

Posted Image

I will list the markers that were used for the tests: (I will post some pics of the barrels and markers later)
Tippman 98 w/ Cyclone feed (X7 cyclone w/ Tech T squishy paddles) and RT (Python adaptor with .688 sleeve)
Invert Mini w/ stock board and and Vlocity Jr.
AGD Emag w/ Xmod and Vlocity Jr.
CCM S6 w/ Sportshot hopper
AKA Viking w/ Vlocity Jr.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

I wanted to see if this product would work with a variety of markers. I know that there is a review already of this barrel on A5OG and there was some problems with the barrel. I did not want to limit test to one marker. The only marker that I was not able to use the barrels on was an Invert Mini. The space on the back of the marker would not fit into the breech. I sent Glen an e-mail. I have not heard back from him if he had any issues with other barrels. Other than the Mini, I know problems fitting any of the other markers. I fixed this problem by using the A/C Python kit that I had. I had forgotten that I had that. The stinger barrel fit nicely in the adaptor. I had a few extra cocker Orings, so I was OK there. I was worried that the barrel would not fit the Emag with a ULE body but there was no problem. Both barrels fit very nice in all the other markers.

Weight comparisons:
Stinger 14"-2.5 oz
Stinger 12"-2.0 oz
Stiffi 14"-2.0 oz
Armson Stealth 13"-6.5 oz
Lapco 12" Bigshot-4.5 oz

We shot over 2 cases of paint between the two barrels. I did not have one break. We used a variety of paint. Year old Nelson Hemmorrage, Unknown date .68 Combat, year old Nelson Special Forces, fresh Nelson Precision, and some Draxxus Rec Sport. Stinger says that the barrels are self cleaning but I did not have a break in any of the markers that I was able to test this feature. As with most CF barrels, a rubber squeegie is needed. A fiber swab will leave fibers stuck in the weave. We used the electro in semi and full auto. The AT was used on the pump. We tried to use all the stuff that you would use at a game. i.e. snapshooting, AT, low air, even dropped the 98. The Stinger barrels performed flawlessly. No matter what paint we used, the barrel shot good. Granted the dimpled paint wanted to fly funny but it still shot somewhat consistent. We tested at a variety of distances. We were able to put paint on a target almost immediately. If the first shot was not on, the next one or two were. It helped that I used the reddot on the 98 that helped alot but I was still able to put paint where I wanted to at the distances that I was using.

At 40-50 feet, the barrels were dead on. I was able to put just about every shot in a 12" circle with a few errant shots. At 60-70 feet, depending on the marker, I had to give some raise. With the 98, it was about a 1" raise. Consistency was still good. I don't really know what more that I can test for accuracy.

Overall, I would give this barrel a 8/10. I took off a point for the issue with the Mini. The adaptor will need to be turned down to fit the Mini. I think it would also be a good thing to include an o-ring for A/C threaded markers. The good points of this barrel make up for the one bad thing. Would I buy a Stinger barrel? Yes. If you want a good barrel at a good price, this is the barrel of my choice. For the amount that you pay versus a comparable carbon fiber barrel, the Stinger series is an excellent choice. I say give Glen a chance. There will be a few growing pains and issues that will have to be addressed but they are small things. I would put this barrel up against anyone of the carbon fiber barrels on the market. It shot the same as the 14" Stiffi that I had compared it to at less cost.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me or post up.

Stinger Barrels :: Made in the USA

I will continue to add to this as I continue to use the barrels!

Used the Stinger barrels in the Invert Mini. Had to use the Python kit. Still shot as good as previously posted. We shot almost a case of paint through the Mini and did not have one break. I definently would recommend this barrel to anyone. For the money, you cannot go wrong.

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