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Posted 14 August 2009 - 09:01 AM

Chat Rules

1. No harassment - This is interpreted as any comment or action that is unwelcomed or offending to a member.

2. No racy comments - Don't say anything suggestive or risque. Racism, sexism, prejudice , or intolerance of any kind is not acceptable behavior.

3. No pornography - This icludes text or links.

4. No text,sound or emoticon spamming - Do not flood the chat with sound or emoticon spam, this includes excessive scrolling of the screen with text,sounds or emoticons, running a bunch of sounds together, or creating lines and/or grids of emoticons or text.

5. No capping off. Capping off is the continual use of capital letters in your text. This is considered shouting or attention whoring.

6. A kick is just that ... a kick. You may reenter the chat room immediately after. It is used to remind members that certain behaviors just won't be tolerated. Think of it as a warning.

7. Bans. A chat room ban is not a forum ban. However a strong enough violation just might be enough to make you an exception.

8. The guess who I am game. This gets very boring very fast. This is when an individual keeps logging in under other nick names. It is strongly recommended you use your SO nick name.

9. Please remember. As the forum has guests, the chat room shall also. Please don't maintain an elitist attitude. The chat is there for all to use.

Rules subject to change as required. Rules up to interpetation of staff.


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