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Pro/Carbine Stocks? Anyone know of any?

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Posted 20 May 2007 - 04:46 PM

Does anyone know of any butt stocks that would fit the Tippmann Pro/Carbine? I think I remember reading that JCS had one, but last time I checked they removed their Pro/Carbine section entirely. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

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Posted 20 May 2007 - 04:48 PM

I have a Dual wire JCS with RVA stock for the Procarbine for sale.
[*]Carbine/ Pro Lite JCS Dual Wire Folding Stock With RVA : $50

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Posted 23 May 2007 - 09:27 AM

A bud helped me out awhile back about this.
Posted Image

"Area V 51.0 Supplies" <sales@areav51.com> wrote: Well I'm glad you like our sight, and about your
stock for a carbine......well it was right in front of
It is a 98 stock we modded out to fit and work well
with any carbine. Sorry to answer you that way but I
had to mess with ya. You sound like me when I want
something and cant find it.



Well here is the secret, Go to any hardware store and
get a 1" brass coupling and two bolt & nuts and 4
locking washers. Test the size and the style of bolts
you want to use with holding them up to the brass
coupling, be sure the bolt you use will fit through
the hole in the end cap of your carbine!

Take a small screw driver and tighten the end cap so
the hole is perfectly up and down. Now you will need
to mark were you will need to drill a hole in the
brass coupling, measure the length of the end cap and
hole and then put a deep mark on the brass coupling.

Now here is the fun part, take your barrel off! Line
up the mark you made on the brass coupling to the end
cap on your carbine. Get a rubber mallet and a small
piece of wood and wacko the hell out of it till it is
on as far as it can go, then with a drill bit the same
size as your bolts drill into the brass coupling.
Remember the end cap has that hole in it so use a vise
or table clamps to hold your marker still so the holes
top and bottom line up. Take your bolt and nut and
secure your coupling to your marker.

If you smoke you'll need one now, because the next and
last part is a FEMALE DOG. Now you will need a 98 FX
stock. Line it up in the other end of the coupling.
If you have a nice drill press USE IT, if not get a
buddy to help you hold it and more clamps. After it
is lined up and secure you will be drilling through
the coupling and the 98 stock end. This is very hard
aluminum and takes some time. Thats it after
everything fits take the coupling and bolts to be
anodized or painted put it back together and show it

If you need a 98 fx stock let me know, if not good
luck to you with it.
Thanks Sam @ Area V 51.0 Supplies"

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