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X7 Response Trigger Review of Response Trigger upgrade for X7 Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 17 May 2007 - 05:42 PM

Review of X7 Response Trigger by -XF-Acara

First of all, thank you to Tippmann/Spec Ops for giving me the opportunity to get reacquainted with an old friend; the response trigger.

For those of you who have never had the opportunity to use a response
trigger (RT), here is a basic description of the function. An RT uses
surplus Co2/air from the firing process, siphoned and redirected via a
short section of external tubing on the outside of the receiver, in order
to re-cock the trigger and sear, which allows a higher rate of fire (ROF)
by eliminating trigger lag time. The ROF can be adjusted by the amount of
flow (a knurled knob on the previous RT versions and an adjustment screw on the newer versions) through the clippard-style valve. In short, when the piston receives the puff of gas, it extends, pushing the trigger forward instead of waiting for spring pressure to return it and your finger
pressure to restart the firing cycle. The functionality is very similar to
how the Automag RT worked.

Before reviewing the X7 RT, I’d like to address some things the RT is not …

A) The RT is not an air hog, and doesn’t make any noticeable change to your air consumption. The gas used to power the RT piston is taken from the void between the rear bolt and valve instead of simply venting to atmosphere when the hammer reaches the end of the cycle/stroke.

:D The RT is not the "poor man's E-Grip". Saying the RT is obsolete due to
electronic boards is like saying autocockers are obsolete due to E-cockers.
They are two totally different animals that both hold appeal to different
players. A properly tuned RT can easily pull 18-22 BPS and there are
members of A5OG, UMS, MSOG and X7OG who have reported ROF's
to 24 bps.

C) The RT is not a "runaway trigger". Although an RT can be dialed up to
acheive this effect, the RT can be custom set to the speeds within any fields ROF restrictions. In most cases an RT trigger is inherently safer than electronic triggers, that can be set to full auto & go off with the slightest bump anywhere near the trigger mechanism.

With that being said, here are my personal observations of the X7 RT.


Fairly easy to install. If you've installed a previous version of the RT, you
should be able to install this version with no issues.

The new design has a larger and much less fragile hose than it's predecessors.

Maintenance/reliability. No batteries, no worries. I can't tell you the number of times I've torn my marker apart, only to find out that it was a weak/dead battery in my E-Grip that was causing the issue.

Price. The X7 RT is markedly less than most "firepower" upgrades and
the MSRP for the new X7 E-grips.

Water & weather proof. Unlike the E-grip, the RT is not affected by moisture/humidity.

Redesigned to maximize flowrate. I haven't been able to "starve" the air supply to other components, like you could on previous versions of the RT.

I don't know how to describe this, other than "meaty thunk". The RT equipped X7's have a sound all to themselves. It actually kind surprised me the first couple of times I used it & turned a lot of heads at
the field.

"Modability". The RT can be enhanced/customized through numerous spring/trigger modifications/combinations.


It's still an external mod, and subject to the same vulnerabilty as any external air routing, just like cocker hoses.

Most fields don't allow RT use at night. Even though disabling the RT is as easy as disconnecting the banjo, it's still a little more involved than pushing a button on your E-Grip.

Perception. Somehow the RT has become vilified over the years, and many field owners have an unmerited misconception abot RT equipped markers and won't allow then on their fields.

Not "plug-and-play". If you looking for an upgrade to drop-in & not willing to take the time to tune it properly; the RT isn't for you.

Learning curve. Finding the "sweet-spot" on an RT can be maddening, if your not into tinkering/adjusting.

More fatiguing than an E-grip. The RT requires a little more work to attain high ROF's than other triggers.

Accumulation/shootdown with Co2. With higher ROF, Co2 use could create icing/shootdown issues.


The RT has a noticeable kick. Some consider it a "pro", some sonsider it a "con". Personally I feel it's a great for milsim markers and "completes the package" for folks looking to emulate AK-47's, M-4's and M-16's with
their paintball marker. The addition of a RT is probably the best way to make your marker feel/sound/shoot like an actual firearm.

Acara's Pick .... pair this with your AK-47 accessories to make your X7 look AND feel like the real thing.


I had a ball with this upgrade at the SPPL this year. Due to my role as commander & LAW operator; I needed a marker that was a little more compact than Dark Lady (my custom A-5), but didn't want to give up my range/firepower. Tippmann/Spec Ops came to the rescue and delivered our X7's, and the new RT upgrade in time for me to use it for
the SPPL. As it was just released before the event, most players (incorrectly) assumed that because I was using an X7,
that I was limited to semi-auto only. It was a lot of fun watching opponents with electronic markers make overly aggressive moves towards me, assuming I couldn't keep pace with their 15 BPS markers. Even more amusing was the fact that the weather changed on day two of SPPL, and the rain rolled in. It was really nice not having to worry about my marker in the rain and I had time to admire the creativity of several individuals with electronic markers/trigger systems (it's amazing what some of those guys could do with duct-tape and a plastic paintball bag...LOL).

Overall, I give the new RT a 9 out of 10. As much as I'm anticipating the E-Grips for the X7's, revisiting the RT was a great experience and I had forgotten just how appealing/fun the RT was.

Again, the RT is by no means the red-headed-stepchild to the E-Grip and still a viable option & holds it's own against the electronic trigger options out there.

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