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A Commanders gear set up What do you carry for the field or what you may need. Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 09 March 2009 - 11:50 AM

well... yeah, but I thought this was more about what you carry when you're actually playing? I carrying a backpack around between games because I hate walking back to the car to refill. I wouldn't call it part of my setup though, since I drop it to play...

You could completely use the buttpack to carry your tank or a secondary tank if you wanted, that would make sense, you could pretty much remote straight from the buttpack (you'd probably want to do some modification to it, but that's a 10 minute job)

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Posted 19 March 2009 - 04:13 AM

My set up is pretty light being a Stock Class player. I have a vsc phantom with a stock and a hpa tank connected to it. Cuts down on me having to worry about getting my my air refilled. I play with a leg harness on my left that holds my tubes, and a zeus G2+ in its holster on my right theigh.

I use a single point bungee sling for my phantom when I'm using my pistol. Working on getting some radio's for my team, as small as it is. I carry on me a barrel swab, an extra barrel cover, extra o-rings, and a map if I'm at a new field, or just to show where I want people to go. Its the easiest way to explain to the walk ons where I want them to post.

I'll carry random other items depending on the game or my teams needs. I try to stay as light as I can since I end up being all over the field communicating and to check up on situations at the front making sure people are moving up and we aren't running thin. A pistol might seem like a useless item, but for me it works great. Using a pump is perfect for crawling to get a good angle then picking off a few people and dropping back to eval the situation change. But if we're making a final push through the woods, or torwards the base. The semi auto feature and easy movement of my zeus is the perfect answer. Especially since I like to take point.

I'm looking into a spec ops vest but nothing too promising shows for the stock class so we just wear BDU's and DCU's depending on the type of field. Our team is about to go to a tactical black uniform though.
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Posted 13 June 2010 - 08:26 AM

A commander is a person of many hats. They are there to make sure the mission is cared out and other players are doing what they should be doing with-in the prospective objective. Commanders are to fill in the gaps as needed and lead others into battle with the ability to change gears in a New York minute.

Does it matter how many or what type markers a commander carries....NO! But having enough fire power helps.

A Commander is to be confident, reliable and most of all competent in his role. Remember LOOKS are deceiving.

As far as "Commanders Gear and Set-up"; They should be well rounded in the gear and the amount of ammo carried. Less is more. Knowing this comes from experience not what you think you are or should be. A true Commander knows what they need to carry and what is needed in order to get the job done!

In most, if not all cases I personally have found this to be the best all around "Set-up" for me as I only play the scenario/woods ball:

Larger Games: 6-8 hours (w/30 min lunch break if any) requiring 1 complete refill and 1 additional air fill.
BT-4 Delta Elite and/or Iron Horse (basically the same gun)
Rip-Clip w/200 Hopper
OpsGear Tactical Vest (8-140's) w/ CamelBak
3000/62 HPA w/remote line
Maps (Field and Satellite (Google Earth)
2-4 Smoke Grenades
2 Paint Grenades

Smaller Games: Multi-games with breaks in between.
Same as above less 4 pods (weight factor)

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