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Posted 22 June 2010 - 04:39 AM

So i'm not a commander as such, i consider myself a broadsword but my commander has been tasking me with setting up the defensive force in our monthly scenario game.

As some background info: the scenario game can be anywhere from 70 - 400 players per team each month. As its so often it gives me the chance to improve and learn from each experience and develop myself quickly. The scenario has 3 hold and control points over an area of 120 acres of jungle/buildings/bridges and rivers with one of these being our flag, one theirs (near spawn points) and the main battle in the middle. For months we lost due to our rear flag being taken as we were flanked, the simple fact was nobody wanted to defend! I've always been a defensive player so i took the challenge with a few friends. Now we're allocated people to enforce the defense as the team see value in it but a number of the reinforcements are newbies. Most own gunners want to be in the action and on special missions, not many like patrolling and 'camping'.

So my main problem is - how do i keep newbies happy/interested so they enjoy their experience AND defend our flag. Some take instructions well but wander off after 10 minutes and some just dont like orders/requests and go off to find the firefight and get shot out.

I believe my setup and stature earns respect from the 'coolness' factor as most newbies tend to be teenagers at our site so im not sure if thats the problem. I also lead by example and as soon as we're attacked i'll lay down tons of paint, keep heads down and direct players in for the elimination shots. I'm also very vocal in firefights trying to raise moral and get players riled up for the action. I've tried sharing jobs with the others like having a patrol team of 2 for 20 minutes and swapping them for the other 2 in the bunker then rotating 2 more etc but the simple fact is it takes a special kind of person with patience and a love for their important role to be defense and alot of these people just dont have the patience!

Any help is appreciated. I'm sure some of you have come across this problem before.

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Posted 22 June 2010 - 02:29 PM

If most of the punters are teenagers then I'm sure throwing in a few call of duty references will help them along with your orders. I.e. Camping/eaping. (The amount of this I hear from the Call of Duty generation while marshalling is enough to drive me into insanity.

If you manage to control them and keep them back, get a few trusted guys to take a few out with them as 'advanced scouts'. As soon as they see any form of enemy. Get the rest of the action junkies to run at them, maybe if you're lucky some will go around the flanks.

Keep telling your junkies what's going to happen, reassure them that the enemy will come and as soon as they come into sight. Sling them. After all the best defence is a good offence.
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Posted 23 July 2010 - 12:10 PM

one way is to get a group and divide them into small squads. have them rotate between base security, patrols, and missions. people want to play and shoot, so if you give them the opportunity to go lookin for trouble, they'll gladly accept. just make sure than when they find it, they report back to base, and you'll have your reserve units waiting to make the kills. also checkpoints at chokepoints is a great way of keeping them busy. just drill it into them that if it's a force worth worrying about to run back or radio back to base about size location and direction. then you can send a surge of players to counterattack.
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