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Invictusone  Who managed to go into a match with 2 working tippmanns and a working automag, and had to end up renting? This guy! [points to self with thumbs]

Nov 14 2010 07:06 PM

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Invictusone  Feb 03 2011 01:43 PM
Well, it began when my tippmanns didnt chrono in under 300, even though for the last 15 games and 12 months they had. and then part of my mag's detent proceeded to be shot out of the gun. It was quite a miserable experience.
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Zz Loth zZ  Feb 07 2011 01:29 PM
Aw that sucks dude. I am sorry.
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Invictusone  Feb 08 2011 03:44 PM
Its life. All have been since repaired, and my mag has gotten a facelift, so its all good. Luckily, the mag broke in the second to last game.